Reviews Blacknote Sonata Tabak E-Liquid.

By Andrew

Quick delivery & amazing flavor

Listen guys, they sent an awesome email. That made me laugh, and I received my product the following day! Waiting to empty my tank to try my sonata! Thanks Black Note! You guys serinade! (Aka Rock!)

(Posted on 5/22/2017)

By Brent

The best of all !!!

I have tried all the tobacco flavors, this one definitely stands out. Amazing taste and aroma, I just love it.

(Posted on 5/18/2017)

By David

Vaping as it should be

As a long time two pack a day smoker I’ve recently turned to vaping which honestly was quite difficult to maintain after struggling to find an e liquid with a flavor that I enjoyed. I’m not one for fruit or desert vapes I wanted the flavor of cigarettes, I love the flavor of tobacco, and now I’ve found it in a vape! Blacknote is simply phenomenal, my favorite is Sonata, the flavor is superb, smooth, incredibly satisfying. Well done Blacknote!

(Posted on 5/15/2017)

By Gee

I’ve tried a quite a few tobacco juices and the BN Sonata is best so far

I really missed my tobacco roll your owns when i gave up nearly six months ago now. I had heard only good things and when i was able to get some BN with reasonable shipping costs to New Zealand my expectations were high in anticipation of delivery. When trying Sonata i have to be honest and say it did not IMO match the real thing, however i readily admit of all juices i’ve tried this is easily the best so far so I’m enjoying myself considerably. Will be trying Prelude next and if it’s as good as Sonata (or hopefully better) i will be satisfied. Thanks BN.

(Posted on 5/12/2017)

By Nicholas


Easily my favorite vape. Smooth, flavorful, and most importantly for me, no syrupy sweetness or weird aftertastes.

(Posted on 5/10/2017)

By Nick


Easily my favorite vape. I like the taste of tobacco, but I also like my lungs. Win-win.

(Posted on 5/10/2017)

By Paul

The best tobacco flavored e-juice – period.

So – I’ll start by saying I really dislike most tobacco e-juices. They taste artificial and only remind me of how much I miss smoking cigarettes. Sonata changed this. It has an exceptional, bold flavor but is never overpowering. I preferred this to the Prelude (which I also liked – just not as much) and wouldn’t hesitate to order again. Thanks Black Note – keep up the good work!

(Posted on 5/10/2017)

By Freddie

Very happy

Fantastic stuff as expected. The delivery time absolutely blew me away…5 days from order to delivery in New Zealand. Never had that before and I order a lot from overseas. Very impressed with the product and the service !!!

(Posted on 5/10/2017)

By Jesse

NET perfection

The Sonata tobacco extract is a little more robust than Prelude. The dark Virginia leaves produce a more complex earthy flavor and is very smooth. I love that I can vape this for 2 days before rebuilding, as it doesn’t gunk up the coil as much as other NETs. I just wish I could order these in 120ml bottles to save a little cash, because this is one of my favorites.

(Posted on 5/9/2017)

By Max N

Very Good


(Posted on 5/7/2017)

By joseph

Just Ordered The 3%mg

I am trying to quit Nicotine, and I recently tried the 6%mg Sonata which is surprising good. I thought it would not have the throat hit that I was looking for, but it is really good. I just ordered the 3%mg and will post a review after I try it to let people know how it is.

(Posted on 5/5/2017)

By Rachelle

Sonata is my go to…

I find this blend to be the best flavor, closest to ciggs, which is what helped me quit smoking, smooth but flavorful, nice throat hit.

(Posted on 5/5/2017)

By joseph

Reviewing the nicotine strength.

I recently purchased the 6% mg strength nicotine and it is really good. I’m trying to quit the nicotine altogether and go with 0% nicotine and just enjoy the vaping for a healthier experience.and my next order is the 3% mg nicotine, and I will review how good that is once I’ve tried it.

(Posted on 5/5/2017)

By Rob Christian

Never Thought I Could Find Such a Great Oil

I quit smoking two years ago and have been vaping ever since. The oils I tried were OK, but nothing really replaced the enjoyful taste of the cigarettes….until I found Black Note!! The taste of these oils will thrill you! Excellent product with the enjoyment that I formerly only received from tobacco. My favorite is blending Quartet with Sonata. A must try!

(Posted on 4/30/2017)

By Brian

Faithful new customer.

I’m so glad I found out about black note. I stopped smoking New Year’s Eve, haven’t picked one up since, and I’m not sure I could’ve done it without black note. It’s so close to the flavor of real tobacco cigarettes, it’s amazing! I’ve tried all the flavors except “solo” and I love them all!!

(Posted on 4/28/2017)

By Simon

Looking for an intro to tobacco flavours?

I ordered Sonata and have been really satisfied with black notes high quality product, a slight spice of tobacco amongst a depth of rich dark tobacco flavours, definitely worth a try.

(Posted on 4/22/2017)

By Jamie

The best

I’m very happy that, not only is the tobacco smooth and tastes great, the lab report is unique to Black Note. It is very reassuring to see that they are backing up their products and word with actual science.

(Posted on 4/22/2017)

By Damian

Best flavor

I have tried just about most tobacco flavors available and black notes are by far the best. All the flavors are great my personal favorite is sonata. Don’t hesitate give them a try, you wont regret it. Top notch service also.

(Posted on 4/21/2017)

By Steve

Never Disappoints!!!

I have come to expect great service along with the finest quality liquids I have vaped, and I always get it! Always a pleasure to order from Black Note!

(Posted on 4/20/2017)

By Darcey


My current favorite is Sonata. I just tried to re-order and they are currently out of the 3mg. Still ordering at 0mg because it has a wonderful taste! These liquids are light and easy on coils. I am relatively new to e-liquid and have found that the ones in my local shop are, frankly, awful. I will keep ordering from Black Note, especially with the quick shipping.

(Posted on 4/18/2017)

By Darcey


My current favorite is Sonata. I just tried to re-order and they are currently out of the 3mg. Still ordering at 0mg because it has a wonderful taste! These liquids are light and easy on coils. I am relatively new to e-liquid and have found that the ones in my local shop are, frankly, awful. I will keep ordering from Black Note, especially with the quick shipping.

(Posted on 4/18/2017)

By Derek Marr

Sonata Amazing

Wow! Ive been vaping for over two years, and have always favoured authentic tobacco based liquids. Being new to Black Note I have just tried for the first time the Sonata product. As I took my first draw I was surprised by the flavour as it hit my pallet. I have never experienced a more accurate flavour to the description. I now look forward to trying more of the Black Note range. Very satisfied and would highly recommend to others.

(Posted on 4/11/2017)


Wonderful Taste

Of all the E-liquids I have tried, Black Note is my favorite. They all have a satisfying taste but Sonata is only beat out by Prelude, according to my taste. However I use them every day now as well as Legato evenings. Very nice products.

(Posted on 4/11/2017)


This is Good

Im on my 3rd bottle now and i keep reordering. Better than anything on the market when your trying to get that real tobacco flavor. Im on my second reorder now.

(Posted on 4/7/2017)

By Anthony

Sonata/sample pack

I just got my order in and really love the flavor of the sonata. I quit smoking 3.5 years ago and enjoy good tobacco flavor. I think Black Note nailed it wish I would’ve ordered some sooner. I also got the classical notebook sampler and can’t wait to try them all.
Thanks for good service and great product. Anthony

(Posted on 3/31/2017)

By Don


Having tried all Black Note e-liquids, it has boiled down to two favorites; Sonata is one. If you are looking for the most authentic tobacco flavor you can get, Sonata and Prelude should be your choice. While there isn’t a bad one in the bunch (and I have tried all the flavors including some that are no longer available), the smoothness and richness of Sonata make it a daily pleasure to vape. For the times you want to tone it down a bit, Prelude fits the bill, but for the person who really appreciates accuracy in replicating real tobacco flavor, Sonata is the best choice. Smooth and rich, slightly sweet but with an edge, this is the one for full flavored pleasure.

(Posted on 3/29/2017)

By Anatoli

High Class!!!

Great with real tobacco flavor.
I recommend it to whom who want to stop smoking!

(Posted on 3/29/2017)

By Mikael


My go-to now, after trying the sampler. Truly the best liquid I’ve been able to find anywhere. I only wish my local retailer carried it for when I forget to reorder. No need for sub-ohm coils, either. Long battery & coil life with this e-liquid.

(Posted on 3/28/2017)

By Amro

Want to enjoy

Sonata is nothing but one of a kind.

(Posted on 3/22/2017)

By Tim

Five star

Very fast shipping,the closest you will get to tabacco flavor

(Posted on 3/22/2017)

By Hank

Fresh and enjoyable

I have not found a flow with Black Note liquids. This came in 3rd out of the bunch and while it may sound like it is not the best, I have to say this is really good. As my two favorites are Legato and Prelude, I can see myself coming back to this one for a change. Also have to commend BN on delivery. I was low. Last tank low and received the next day after ordering.

(Posted on 3/19/2017)

By Jamie

The best

Just ordered another bottle, it’s smooth taste is the best.

(Posted on 3/15/2017)

By Christian

Stronger, But Better

Sonata reminds me a bit of prelude in its sweetness. But it quickly distinguishes itself with a more robust, bold flavor with mild sweetness. It also leaves a quite pleasant aftertaste.

(Posted on 3/13/2017)

By Matthew

Another hit from BN!

After trying the Prelude, I was convinced I had to try another blend! Sonata is a little more robust than Prelude, but still maintains a lovely smooth flavor. 5/5

(Posted on 3/9/2017)

By judith mckenzie


it’s fantastic like all black note e liquids wouldn’t use anything else

(Posted on 3/8/2017)

By Ange Christou

Sonata is awesome

The best! No other e-liquid comes close to Blacknote. Of all the flavours, I have stuck to Sonata but would happily use any of them. Great company and great product. Long live Blacknote!

(Posted on 3/8/2017)

By Kristen

Great flavor

A very good blend. Smooth and tasty, this one is a winner!

(Posted on 3/7/2017)

By Todd

Sonata NET Good Stuff…

Sonata has a clean tobacco taste that I really enjoyed.

(Posted on 3/6/2017)

By Richard T.


This is my 2nd favorite juice from Black Note, behind Prelude. Very classy.

(Posted on 3/5/2017)

By Francesco

Not my favorite

Sonata is my least favorite flavor of the blacknote family. I can’t really taste the tobacco, and when compared to Legato, it doesn’t really speak to me, at all. The company is however fantastic, as always, they refunded me immediately and went above and beyond their duty to make sure I was satisfied. Kudos!

(Posted on 3/4/2017)

By Anthony

My No. 1 Black Note!

I cannot say any more, than this is my favourite Black Note flavour. I vape only Black Note, and this is my all day and go to flavour. Excellent product delivered by one of the best in the business! Absolutely awesome!

(Posted on 3/3/2017)

By Kim


I ordered sonata 18mg. Good flavor. Nice switch up from prelude and legato. This is my first time trying sonata as well as upping it from 12 to 18mg. Pleasant,smooth taste. In my option a little stronger than prelude and legato. I’m happy. Thanks again black note. Shipping was fast as usual. Great products. Great company.

(Posted on 3/3/2017)

By john

What a surprise!

I recently placed an order for my favorite juice (sonata),I ordered two bottles as I had reward pts to redeem. As usual I received the order with lightning speed, but there was an error they only sent one bottle. I immediately phoned and was told they would get another bottle out right away. Whem I got thhe package I was delighted to find two bottles instead of the one they owed me, what a company! I wish all companies treated their customers this way. the world would be a better place!

(Posted on 3/1/2017)

By Andrew

The search is over!

If your looking for the best tobacco e-liquid, you can stop. Nothing else compares to Black Note. Fantastic products with fast shipping. Can’t recommend them enough.

(Posted on 3/1/2017)

By Michael


This sonata flavor is my favorite of the 4 samples I tried, and all the black note flavors are by far better than any other competitor tobacco flavors I have tried in the past. Great product black note, thanks, mike

(Posted on 2/28/2017)

By Bryan Erickson

Best tobacco juice ever

I always hear people say there are no good tobacco juice out there well there is now this is the closest I’ve ever had a juice that tasted like tobacco way to go folks

(Posted on 2/24/2017)

By stepan

Great taste as the rest of the flavors

Outstanding balance of flavors, very smooth…

(Posted on 2/23/2017)

By Julie

Tasty, on the lighter side

This was one of the first flavors I ordered, eons ago, and could’t remember if I like it. I also wanted to switch it up from my usual. Has a good flavor, a bit sweet, but not potent in any way. This is definitely for people who like light tobacco flavors and prefer sweetness. I like it, but I’ll be switching back to Legato 🙂

(Posted on 2/21/2017)

By George

Great flavor

This is one of the best tobacco flavors that I’ve tried so far. The tobacco taste really comes through.

(Posted on 2/14/2017)

By John

Sonata keeps on delivering

I have tried most of their line and loved just about all. By far, this is the best tobacco e juice on the market! I keep going back to Sonata as it keeps me satisfied. I love Quartet also but when I don’t feel like popping for the price of Quartet I stick with Sonata.

(Posted on 2/13/2017)

By Keith


My second favorite flavor behind Legato. Very good blend.

(Posted on 2/9/2017)

By Scott

Finally Found What I Was Looking For — Great E-Liquid Flavor!

I had been searching for a good tobacco flavored e-liquid for quite some time. At Black Note, I have finally found the flavor and quality that I have been hoping for. Currently, my e-liquid of choice is Sonata, however, I have been very satisfied with all of the other flavors I have tried here. If you haven’t tried any of the flavors available yet, what are you waiting for! Order and enjoy.

(Posted on 2/8/2017)

By theo

Sonata is my favorite!

I tried all other flavors they all taste great but Sonata is my favorite!

(Posted on 2/7/2017)

By Renato Gonzalez

Can not use it.

I don’t understand why people like the sonata so much. It’s too strong for me. Maybe it’s because I chose one with a 12mg strength?

(Posted on 2/7/2017)

By Kirk

Unique quality flavor

First purchased the notebook to get a feel for 4 different flavors, Sonata has a unique quality flavor. That said it was my least favorite of the 4. Forte was easily my favorite, followed by Legato. That said I could easily make Sonata an all day vape. All Black Note flavors are excellent!

(Posted on 2/7/2017)

By Bnpdillon

Sonata is the best!!!

Awesome, I tried the sampler, but Sonata is the best !!! Loved it

(Posted on 2/6/2017)

By Lisa Setliff

All are Super…..

Me and my husband are long time smokers! Needing terribly to quit for our health and hopefully save some money! For Christmas we bought us a mod box vape to try to quit! I found Black Note on a review site, thank goodness I did! We too wanted the taste of tobacco! Tried some others that were terrible. So I ordered the sample box from Black Note! Surprised ! It was awesome! The closest thing to a cigarette. Won’t search any further! Loved them all, but going to order Sonata. It seems to be our favorite . We smoked Camel Wide cigarettes, think it the closest to them! I give them all 5 stars though. Thanks Black Note for your hard work and great product!

(Posted on 2/6/2017)

By Mike


Thought I might try 0mg eliquid
and chose Sonata.I have previously purchased it in 6mg strength.
Overall I am satisfied with the taste
although it’s missing much of the
throat hit (expected) compared to the 6mg.I use it the evenings before retireing.Next time I buy 0mg it will
probably be Solo maybe the menthol
might have more kick to it.

(Posted on 2/5/2017)

By Rai


This is by far my favorite of all the E-liquids that were included in my sample box. Perfect amount of sweetness encompassing a nice tobacco flavor!

(Posted on 2/3/2017)

By Christopher


I am very happy to have found this company for their excellent tobacco liquids. I don’t understand flavored crap at all, why bother? In addition, they put so much thought and consideration into their design, packaging, and presentation that it makes receiving something from them, even more special! Thanks all!

(Posted on 2/2/2017)

By john

best juice I`ve found

sonata is true tobacco flavor , way better than cigarettes. I`ve been using sonata for about a year now I`m totally satisfied. I have tried a few cheaper brands but nothing I found compares!

(Posted on 1/30/2017)

By Patricia

Super product!

Finally found an excellent e juice!!!! Love all the flavors but menthol. Very well done. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

(Posted on 1/30/2017)

By Raymond


I really enjoy this liquid it has a great flavor,the best of any eliquids I’ve tried ,I would highly recommend this product.

(Posted on 1/30/2017)

By Jennifer


WOW!!! I loved this flavor. I found it to be my favorite thus far. It has a warm, yet sweet(not overly sweet either) draw & exhale. The flavor truly makes my taste buds dance. I love it & I definitely will be buying more of it today. It was a small bottle that I tried from their instra-menthol pack, & wasn’t long before I blew through it. I love to use it, by itself, & I’ve also discovered mixing some of the solo(their menthol flavor) together, makes it even more better…if that were even possible. I would & will recommend this flavor to others. If you have not tried it, you must get you a bottle now. I promise you will not be disappointed.

(Posted on 1/28/2017)

By Aaron

Best NET e-liquid!

Mild true tobacco flavor! Great for all-day use.

(Posted on 1/28/2017)

By Oliver


I have been trying to switch to vaping from cigarettes for a while. Was buying tobacco flavored e-juices. However, they never really tasted like tobacco and I would frequently choke when I dragged. Bought a sampler box from Black Note. Settled on the Sonata. Tastes just like tobacco. Because it is made from tobacco not some artificially flavored mixture. Extremely satisfied with the product and its quality. Black Note is the place to go if you want real tobacco taste. Customer service is great. They even recommended a mod and tank setup that works great and mimics the mouth to lung smoking experience perfectly.

(Posted on 1/25/2017)

By wenqi

I love this one!

He is great, tobacco smoke, a little sweet taste, food for a long time

(Posted on 1/25/2017)

By Brock

A Tobacco flavor that TASTES like it.

I’ve been vaping for 4 years. I tried the RY4, cigar, and “tobacco” flavors before landing on Tribeca by Halo. It was ok and my wife didn’t mind the smell. I would also vape cereal flavors and other things that seemed weird to smokers looking to quit. I’m about halfway through my first bottle of “Sonata” and let me tell you guys, it’s better than anything I’ve ever vaped. I immediately bought the sample pack from Black Note and am looking forward to trying the others soon!

(Posted on 1/24/2017)

By Cristián

Great flavor!

Being a Prelude fan, Sonata was the perfect complement. Stronger flavor, but very subtle. We are talking about very mild differences that sometimes are hard to identify, specially if your coil isn’t brand new. Really pleasant variety for your daily vaping experience.

(Posted on 1/24/2017)

By john vaughan

true tobacco flavor

While I`ve not tried all of the black note flavors in Sonata I`ve found very satisfying liquid. I has nothing other than true tobacco flavor no hints of anything else.there is nothing that compares with it unless it is one of the other black note flavors I have yet to try. When II find a winner I stick with it I don`t see how it could be improved.grade = A++

(Posted on 1/23/2017)

By john vaughan

true tobbaco

I have not tried all of the available black note varieties but I can say sonata presents a wonderfully strong natural flavor. It has no hints of anything that is not a natural tobacco flavor. Nothing on the market is comparable unless it is made ny black note which would have to be a product I have yet to try I am reluctant to experiment when I have found a good thing. I really don`t see how sonata could be improved. I would grade it A++

(Posted on 1/23/2017)

By Rachelle

The best!

This is my fav, it’s flavor helped me and a friend quit ciggs. Thank you for sonata!

(Posted on 1/22/2017)

By adrian

Another big 5

Well now I’m all confused, lol.
Prelude was my first try at BN flavors and I gave it a great big 5 stars, fantastic .
Now I try Sonata and if I could expand my 5 star rating up a tad , well sonata would get it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but alas I cannot but I would if I could lol.
Great liquid , fab company, Prelude for morning vapes and Sonata for the rest of the day,,, perfect.
Signing out,,,, not confused anymore,,,lol.
OH, TRY IT ,,,

(Posted on 1/21/2017)


I love this one!

I ordered this on a Wednesday from New Zealand, and was Vaping it by the weekend! super quick shipping and packaging is excellent! I really enjoyed Prelude, at the moment its my favourite from Black Note but the others are starting to wear me down, what I found, personally, is that this product is the best there is for tobacco flavour, and as a smoker who is trying to give up cigarettes, Black Note is as close as you’re going to get to the real thing, I have tried four flavours so far as I ordered the Notebook with Prelude, Sonata, Forte, & Legato included. If you are reading the reviews for opinions on which is the best, the best and easiest comparison I can give is that Prelude is equivalent to a light cigarette with a smooth tobacco flavour, Sonata is slightly stronger with a sweet tint to it (Prelude and Sonata are my favourites), Forte is a little stronger than Sonata and is missing the sweet tint to it, then there is Legato, it was terrific, but too strong as an everyday vape for me – cigar lovers, this will be your go to!!! all in all, an amazing combinations and beautiful flavours. There are a lot of great reviews about this product, I have noticed a few negative ones, that mention things like flavour not being good, or bland etc. in my opinion the reviews that say this are probably non-smokers who prefer just a standard Vape, if you’re a smoker and are trying to give up or find an alternative, this is just what you need.

(Posted on 1/19/2017)

By shelly

Great if you like a sweeter flavor

This was in the sample pack I ordered. My Favorite out of the assortment was and still is Forte, but this was a nice change. All of the juices are of great quality and flavor.

(Posted on 1/19/2017)

By Evan


Tastes just right to me. Fantastic tobacco flavor with a little sweetness.

(Posted on 1/17/2017)

By Clint

Good Liquid

I like the sonata. It was very smooth but a little sweet for my tastes. I will probably order more of the later to have a larger selection though. Love the company and highly suggest trying them out.

(Posted on 1/17/2017)

By Jonathan


I was intrigued by the lengthy process of making this juice and finally pulled the trigger and purchased. I have been looking for a tobacco e-juice since I quit smoking 4 months ago and have had zero luck. The synthetic tobacco’s are terrible and you can really taste the added chemicals and flavors. I tried all of the Black Note offers at the store and was so happy with all of them. I vaped Sonata last night and into this morning and it took all my cravings for tobacco away. The fact it is REAL tobacco makes the juice that much more enjoyable. I really did like smoking cigarettes but needed to quit for myself and my baby. I finally have an out with this juice. Well done Black Note.

(Posted on 1/17/2017)

By jon

Easy Vaping

This was the easiest for me to vape considering I’m new to the game. Robust flavors give this cavendish a strong flavor profile. A few harsh notes in y estimation but nothing too unpleasant.

(Posted on 1/15/2017)

By jon

bold and strong

This liquid has more flavor while being easy to vape. The flavor though may be a bit strong for some.

(Posted on 1/15/2017)

By Jim

Quality but Not My Speed

This juice is of excellent quality, that is abundantly clear on the first pull. But the actual blend of tobacco, which I thought sounded right up my alley, just isn’t my speed. It is a very mild, light and almost green tasting tobacco. I guess I was a little hesitant to go straight for the bold flavors but after receiving Sonata and comparing it side by side with my current favorite tobacco…I realized I ordered the wrong one. I believe Quartet and Forte are going to be exactly what I’m looking for and I am ordering those now and will also be reviewing those.

So I am not going to rate this low because I think it’s an excellent juice, it’s exudes quality, it just isn’t my kind of tobacco. I should add that I am a big fan of heavy / bold cigars and never a cigarette smoker (not really sure if that has anything to do with it because I love all kinds of tobaccos 🙂 ).

(Posted on 1/14/2017)

By Timothy

Divine Nectar of the Gods

Nothing can be said other than that for my tastebuds this flavor takes the cake. Delicious tobacco with a subtly sweet aftertaste with an unbelievably realistic cavendish forefront. I say unbelievably realistic because it’s hard to believe ALL of BlackNote’s lineup is a vapable liquid and not a pipe tobacco or cigar. Either way Sonata is my go-to / can’t go without. I first read about it on a forum where this is rated #1 of ALL tobacco liquids on the market. Prelude comes in at #2.

(Posted on 1/13/2017)

By Herb

Great flavor

Sonata is my favorite , very smooth satisfying flavor . Great packaging , super fast delivery .

(Posted on 1/12/2017)

By David

Favourite everyday vape

I keep coming back to this one. Everything I’ve tried from Black Note has been excellent but Sonata has a clean and full tobacco flavour without being overly insistent. Not too sweet or cloying; the closest thing to puffing absent-mindedly on a mild cigarette.

(Posted on 1/12/2017)

By Dave

Sonata, amazingly good!

I recently reviewed Forte and commented that Forte and Sonata are my two favorites and now after using both for about a month I still can’t decide which one I love the most. Doesn’t really matter they are both fantastic. After getting the sampler pack (which I highly recommend) I started on Prelude and vaped my way through all four. Sonata is smooth with a tremendous quality tobacco flavor…like the best cig I’ve ever smoked, only better! As a former smoker I can honestly say that Black Note is so much more enjoyable than smoking. Smoking is like eating a burnt T Bone steak that has been warmed up in a microwave oven…yeah it kind of tastes like a steak but… Black Note’s juice are like going to the best steak house in New York and having the finest filet mignon on the menu, no comparison between the two steaks. Black Note juices are worthy of 10 stars!
In addition to their juices their customer service is beyond compare! THANKS AGAIN Black Note!

(Posted on 1/12/2017)

By Jennifer


If you are looking for tobacco flavor this one if for you! I usually want some sweet but this just had a touch. With that said I enjoyed it without the added sweetness.

(Posted on 1/6/2017)

By Natalie

Perfect with wine

So, at first, I was not too crazy about Sonata, but I have slowly come to discover that although some liquids are not that great all the time, they can have their perfect moment, when nothing else compares to them. That’s Sonata when it comes to wine- or other alcoholic beverages, for me. It has this light, slightly sweet, slightly crisp and refreshing sour note, that makes it absolutely the best and only eliquid to enjoy while or after having a drink. I love it!

(Posted on 1/4/2017)

By John

Surprisingly good

I am using nicotine vaping to quit smoking cigs. I tried two types of ejuice from the vape shop and while not good tasting, they at least helped me stop smoking. Web research helped me find Black Nore and I bought 30ml of sonata. This is much higher quality the the first two I tried. Smooth and slightly sweet taste. I can’t yet compare it to other Black Note varieties but it’s the best e-juice I’ve found so far.

(Posted on 1/3/2017)

By Darren

Left a Harsh Taste in my Mouth

so far I have tried 2 out of the 4 in the Sample Pack this one being the Second and although I thoroughly enjoyed the first ( Legato ) I found this one to leave a Harsh After Taste at the end of the Pull. I tried several different temps and air flow positions on my Unit but nothing seemed to mask that after Taste. This one will definitely not be on my Keep in Stock list. If you enjoy a Really Over the Top Rich Pull then I recommend this one to you BUT if you enjoy a flavorful tasty pull then this one is Not for you.

(Posted on 12/30/2016)

By Brian


After my favorite tobacco vape was discontinued I was on the search for a new tobacco juice. Everything I stumbled upon was sweet, smelled like maple syrup, and had an odd tobacco flavor to it. After reading tons of reviews I decided to try Black Note Sonata. Awesome packaging? Yes. High end price point? Yes. Awesome reviews? Yes.
I needed to try it and see.
I loaded a new coil into my vaporizer and filled it up. Pure tobacco flavor, great vape cloud, minimal sweetness and a truly natural flavor. I’m actually happy that my favorite juice was discontinued. I may have never tried Black Note Sonata. Now that I have I am hooked. Time to order more.

(Posted on 12/29/2016)

By Laurence

Well Crafted

Sonata was the first Black Note e-liquid I tried, which I came across at a local vape shop. While I now favor Prelude and Quartet, after one tank of Sonata I knew Black Note was special and worth further investigation. If you like a Cavendish blend, try Sonata!

(Posted on 12/29/2016)

By Evan

As part of the notebook

The first flavor I’ve loaded up after getting the notebook, and the third flavor I’ve tried overall. I decided to start with a high note, and this is very pleasant.
Even though I’m a fan of the lower notes, I quite enjoy this one, a very nice vape.

(Posted on 12/28/2016)

By Jared

Clean Crisp Taste

Sonata has a clean tobacco taste that I really enjoyed. This e-liquid doesn’t give me much phlegm like a lot of other liquids. Thus is my go to vape day to day.

(Posted on 12/28/2016)

By Gary


I have The Ultimate Tobacco E-Juice Sample Box. This is my second favorite blend. It taste like A Camel light cigarette. This is the lightest tobacco flavor of all that’s in the sample box.

(Posted on 12/25/2016)

By Mark Nagle


After trying all the e liquid flavours this is definitely my favourite. This liquid has a very pleasant aftertaste and does not have that earthy back taste.I found that 1.2 was the best to use as an all day vape. If you haven’t tried yet this is a must.

(Posted on 12/21/2016)

By Michael

Good stuff!

Smooth and clean, I life this stuff.

(Posted on 12/19/2016)

By Harald


A very good sweet tobacco taste. Bought this as apart of their Notebook. I will be buying more of this in the future. One of my favorite from Black Note`s line

(Posted on 12/16/2016)

By Andrew


Best Black Note liquid. Perfect balance between aged and sweet tobacco. Vapes all day without losing any flavor whatsoever.

(Posted on 12/16/2016)

By Livia

Excellent flavor

Smooth excellent flavor. Tried it and love ❤️ it. Customer service is great. Thank you!

(Posted on 12/16/2016)

By Rachelle

The best one in my humble opinion 😉

I just keep coming back for sonata.
It’s the perfect balance of smoothness and throat hit!
I honestly don’t know what I’d do if this one was discontinued!

(Posted on 12/10/2016)

By Jamie

The best flavor

I have been shopping around for a while and have finally found the best product. It’s natural tobacco taste can’t be beat. And the shipping process is fast and easy. Thank you Blacknote.

(Posted on 12/6/2016)

By Gloria

Review for Sonata

I really like this blend. I like to switch up between Sonata and Prelude. Nice smooth taste. Keep up the great work Black Note!

(Posted on 12/3/2016)

By Tracy

My favorite!!

Sonata is smooth and full of flavor .
one of my favorites. New user to vaping and quit smoking using this. Black Note scores another five!!

(Posted on 12/3/2016)

By Nick


I smoke this everyday. ’nuff said

(Posted on 11/28/2016)

By James


This is the best tobacco e-juice bar. I have tried them all except for the menthol.

(Posted on 11/28/2016)


Not a fan

I took a chance on this bc the idea of NET’s sounded appealing as someone who used to enjoy tobacco. However the bitter taste thats part of this juice ruins it for me.

(Posted on 11/27/2016)

By Steven

My favorite blend

My absolute favorite of Black Note’s exceptional line of flavors. Sonata bring a rich sweet flavor with a robust tobacco flavor that makes this blend quite addictive. I’m a former camel smoker and I’m happy to throw away my camels and smoke this divine flavor.

(Posted on 11/27/2016)


Beautiful Music!

Sonata is a great tasting vape reminiscent of the flavor of a good dark leaf Nicaraguan Churchill. What I do have say is that Black Note as a company and a product are consistently excellent in how they treat their customers and manufacture their products. They are the best in the industry! Sincere thanks for your wonderful treatment of my patronage and the pleasure using your products brings!

(Posted on 11/20/2016)

By John

Ah, sweet Sonata!

I’ve vaped my way through several bottles of Sonata, since finding this great product line, Every bottle has been consistent and wonderful. As a former pipe smoker, I was already familiar with the various flavors, so I wasn’t surprised by the rich sweetness of Sonata. After vaping two bottles of it, pure, I started blending it, putting three or four drops in tanks of Forte, Prelude, and the sadly extinct Bravura and Cadenza, and enjoyed it even more. By itself, Sonata tends to get a bit too sweet for my tastes (although once in a while, it’s great!), but using to to beef up and lightly sweeten the other liquids, it’s perfect! I highly recommend all the liquids, and encourage everyone to be creative! I give Sonata a 5 star rating!

(Posted on 11/18/2016)

By Marc


I constantly looked for a tobacco flavor ever since I started vaping 2 years ago, and that search was finally over! Sonata was my first, and absolutely not the last, order from Black Note and was amazed right from the first vape. The tobacco flavor is spot on, flavor is excellent for my taste! Also received a Quartet sample which I also liked! I highly recommend this especially if you still get the smoking urges, you will definitely get the satisfaction minus the combustion!

(Posted on 11/18/2016)


Must have

I found Black note about a year ago. I purchased the notebook to see which one stood out the most. Other than solo, because I wasn’t a menthol smoker, it was a tough choice. After a lot of back and forth, it was Cadenza that stood out. Second was Adagio then Sonata. Well, that changed. My favorite is Sonata and second Adagio, which unfortunately will no longer be offered. I keep coming back to Black note because of their excellent customer service and quality e-liquid. I must have my Sonata!

(Posted on 11/16/2016)

By Mark

A medley of flavors.

I was trying to find the best words to describe the taste. It’s difficult because is is a combination of rich tobacco flavors. Then I remembered that I used to smoke a pipe and this is comparable to a rich pipe tobacco. A hint of sweetness with a bold finish. The throat hit changes periodically giving it an authentic taste. Real tobacco changes as you are smoking it. That what this does. Sonota is amazing. Black Note has produced the finest vaping experience for mature adults.

(Posted on 11/15/2016)

By Jeff


A subtle fire-cured flavor. It’s good before/after vaping some legato.

(Posted on 11/12/2016)

By Paulo

Closest to a cigarrette

Ive tried quiting before with other ejuices and this is the only one that even comes close. That being said its not exactly like a cigarrete BUT it sure helps a ton because of the throat hit and flavor. Other sweet ejuices will make you want to smoke real cigarrete. Day one of quitting i cut my smoking from almost a pack to 2-3 sticks a day!

(Posted on 11/10/2016)

By rebecca

Most Sincere Thanks

Ah, Black Note…You have my most sincere thanks for the quality of your products. Of all the blends, Sonata is my favorite: naturally sweet, robust yet smooth, and consistently excellent. Without Sonata, I am sure I’d have done back to cigarettes. I can only thank you through complete loyalty as a customer.

(Posted on 11/5/2016)

By Sean

Absolutely superb

This is my favorite of all the Black Notes, from the first puff I knew this is what I was looking for. The taste of the tobacco leaf is incredible, I don’t know how to describe it as I’m not tobacco knowledgable- it’s FULL flavored, very tastey, like fresh tobacco, but delicous at the same time. I also like Cadenza as well and Prelude (Prelude is so delicous! but just a bit light for me). I’m so glad I tried Black Note, please don’t ever stop making this!

(Posted on 11/5/2016)

By Michael

Bold and Flavorful

Sonata is an excellent flavor. It is a rich, bold blend with a sweet tobacco flavor. It reminds me of a nice pipe tobacco. Definitely 5 stars.

(Posted on 10/27/2016)

By Sanjay


Hey there all – I know, I know – there’s very little I can add to whatever’s been said. Perhaps best then I describe my own profile so you know whether this will work for you? Former smoker [of course], Marlboro Golds. Recently I’ve tried a bunch of flavours from Black Note, amongst them Sonata. It works. It works great. If you’re sick of analogs, like I was, give it a try. You may find yourself no longer smoking, like I am. Personally I’m in love with the range of flavours by Blacknote, amongst them Sonata is one of the preferred ones. Really, really, I implore you, if you’re on the wall with regards to vaping this will very very likely help you towards getting over that hump. I started with Bravura, Prelude and Sonata and haven’t had an analogue in over three months. It’s a shame what Big Tobacco is doing to our little community and industry so get in on it before the hammer comes down, I hope Black Note and other pioneering companies in the space find a way to continue their good work, but as a consumer this is the time to really try vaping, in particular Blacknote Sonata.

(Posted on 10/26/2016)

By Adam

Dont Overlook Sonata

I have overlooked Sonata until recently. I have come to like it very much. Nice throat kick and flavor.

(Posted on 10/25/2016)

By Brent

Another Black Note Hit

Each black note product I have tried is spot on to the description. This vapor has a slight sweetness but still is definitely tobacco. This makes it very easy to stay away from cigarettes because I like this taste better.

(Posted on 10/25/2016)

By Lori

My only liquid

I stopped smoking cigarettes about 4 months ago. Black Note liquid was key to my quitting. Since I stopped, I have experimented with flavors…fruity, dessert, all different kinds…and I always come back to Black Note (Sonata in particular is my fave). Thanks to Black Note for a wonderful product.

(Posted on 10/24/2016)

By Jamie


Love the flavor, great service

(Posted on 10/20/2016)

By john

Real tobaco taste

This one is my first try of black note, Its the closest yet to the taste of cigarettes.

(Posted on 10/19/2016)

By murat


This blend the best for me.I am use it on genesis atomizer.

(Posted on 10/18/2016)

By Jordan

personal favorite

this may be my favorite flavor so far! Prelude is great as well but i will be reordering this one soon!

(Posted on 10/17/2016)

By Julie

Very smooth

Very good but a little TOO smooth for me. A bit sweet, too. This is definitely a flavor for most. If you don’t like strong and spicy, this is your liquid. Kind of like a cigarette dessert, if that makes sense!

(Posted on 10/15/2016)

By Darren


I am new to vaping and have found it very helpful in not smoking cigs, I ordered a 12% nicotine Prelude and got a 0% nicotine Sonata for $1, haven’t smoked in 1 month and have started mixing the 2, Very enjoyable flavor, I will be dropping to a 6% on my way to silence. I am very pleased with Black Note the quality and service.

(Posted on 10/14/2016)

By Cedric

Excellent flavor, smooth

I’ve tried a good dozen e-liquids with supposedly “tobacco flavors” before I found this one. This is the best one yet and I don’t think I’ll be looking for any other, except maybe if they come from Black Note as well..

(Posted on 10/13/2016)

By Ryan

Top notch

Incredibly smooth, excellent flavour. This is by far my favorite tobacco flavour. The rest of the e-juice companies should follow their lead on having no synthetic and harmfull aditives!

(Posted on 10/7/2016)

By Rachelle


Sonata is ranked #1 for me! It has tons of flavor, great throat hit 🙂

(Posted on 10/7/2016)

By ura


smooth,the most important is healthy.I like it.

(Posted on 10/1/2016)

By David

Sonata hits the mark

I recently ended my 30 year smoking career with the help of Black Note. My two favorites from the instrumenthol collection were Solo and Sonata. I was a menthol light smoker the last few years so I like Solo the best, but to bring me back to the times I smoked Reds and Lights, Sonata hits the mark.

(Posted on 9/27/2016)

By Michael


Being an analog smoker for over 35 years having a heart attack in 2013 and STILL not being able to quit, and being disappointed with all of the, “over the counter” e-cigs, THIS was the product that helped kick that habit! Having just tried all of the Notebook flavors, this was by far my fave!
Thank you for helping me stop those NASTY cigarettes!!!
I am spreading the word!!!

(Posted on 9/25/2016)

By Doug

Just plain awsome!

I’ve been smoking analogs for over sixty years. I never thought I’d find an e-juice that tasted like real tobacco until I took a draw on this. It’s everything on the description and then more. People say it’s expensive, but with priority mail costs, it’s very reasonable for what you get. Real satisfaction! I’m done looking! This is it. Thank you Black Note.

(Posted on 9/23/2016)

By David

My favorite so far!!!

I got one of the Notebooks to try out some of the Black Note flavors a few weeks back and have been loving this Sonata ever since!!! I think I’m on my third or fourth bottle already!!! Love the flavor and the fact that its not too sweet or chemical tasting like most other E liquid brands I’ve tried. Cant wait to try some of the other flavors that didn’t come in the notebook!!!

(Posted on 9/22/2016)

By Melanie Fonville

First purchase of a Black Note product & it’s yummy !

Light to medium fruity tobacco flavor with a full bodied finish . I think it’s a perfect all day vape .

(Posted on 9/21/2016)

By Andre

A Masterpiece

Well after trying numerous other so called “tobacco” flavours from other manufacturers I finally found what I have been looking for! Honestly, some other tobacco “flavored” ejuice really are a joke but Blacknote are the masters at what they do. So you pay a little more, well you get what you pay for. Brilliant.

(Posted on 9/17/2016)

By Steve

Talk about fast…

Just got my restocking order of Sonata. I just love this stuff…great flavor! Ordered on Wednesday and it was in my PO Box on Friday morning. You can’t touch that!!!! Thanks Black Note!!!

(Posted on 9/16/2016)

By Rachelle

my fav!!

sonata is my favorite by far! I keep coming back to it after trying others. Smooth and flavorful 🙂

(Posted on 9/14/2016)

By Rachelle


I’ve tried many Sonata is my favorite by far!! smooth and flavorful! How do you guys do it! 🙂

(Posted on 9/14/2016)

By Stelios

Rich Tobacco flavor

Sonata has an amazing and complex tobacco flavor. It is definitely one of the best that Black Note has to offer. In my opinion there is nothing that can beat Cadenza, second place goes to Quartet, with Prelude and Sonata taking 3rd place as I cannot decide between the two.

(Posted on 9/14/2016)

By Charles

So Nice

I agree. This is the most accurate e-juice available if you’re looking for a high quality cigarette tobacco flavor. Unlike the many other types of NET and artifical analogs I’ve tried, there are no odd tastes that should not be there. In fact, as a recent former smoker, I can say this is the flavor that has finally done the trick. I enjoy Sonata more than cigarettes, hands down. Thank you Black Note!

(Posted on 9/13/2016)

By David

League of Its Own

Sonata is my favorite of the various e-liquids I’ve tried. I’m pretty picky about what I’ll try and I’ve sampled only those e-liquids that have garnered strong online reviews by well known e-liquid reviewers. Sonata stands apart from the pack in that it actually tastes like it’s from a natural source and is not clearly a blend of synthetic flavorings. The subtle blend of flavors in a natural product has no peer. Sonata is not too light in flavor but neither does it overwhelm with a strong cigar or pipe flavor. Simply superb!

(Posted on 9/13/2016)



A very robust tobacco taste, great vape to relax at the end of the day. This taste like high end tobacco, I enjoy it thoroughly. Thanks Black Note!!

(Posted on 9/7/2016)

By Muhammad

Best Blend

Sonata Is the best blend i ever try, Naturally Extract flavor with smooth inhaling and throat hit. Just order again.

(Posted on 9/7/2016)

By Deeksha

My favourite blend !

Pretty authentic flavor ! My favourite blend of tobacco ejuice.

(Posted on 9/7/2016)

By judith mckenzie


i really enjoyed it don’t know which one i like best

(Posted on 9/1/2016)

By Nick


Sweet but light. Mixes exceptionally well with Cadenza, who gives it a little roughness. Will buy again. And again. Please continue to avoid using dangerous chemicals.

(Posted on 9/1/2016)

By Patrick

Like a pipe

When I smoked a pipe years ago, I smoked lots of varieties of Cavendish tobacco. This takes me back to that flavor. Behaves like pipe smoke in the mouth, and people tell me it smells pleasant. This is a nice excursion into the pipe, without the undesirable aspects of burning tobacco. It is great when you are in the mood for a pipe. I plan to keep it around all the time.

(Posted on 8/31/2016)

By judith


this is my first bottle of sonata,i’m very impressed with it, i’m impressed with all the products great work guys thank you

(Posted on 8/30/2016)

By Dru

Amazing flavor and great vapor

This was my first purchase from Black Note and I was pleased from the first vape. Shipping was incredibly fast and the juice is amazing! Totally worth the extra dollars, especially if you’re treating yourself.

I plan to try a sampler box of other flavors but Sonata is a solid choice.

(Posted on 8/28/2016)

By Ben

Part 2 of 4

Sonata, a Cavendish blend, was the second of four e-liquids I tried included in the Notebook. Although not my favorite of the four, Sonata is a solid e-liquid for a mature palate. Smoky and sharp, the mid-notes are a little bit peculiar but balanced with sweetness like a true cavendish blend. I think this blend would be great for someone trying to quit smoking regular American cigarettes.The real joy in these blends are pairing them with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

(Posted on 8/26/2016)

By John

Sonata keeps on giving

As a 25 yr smoker, Sonata has truly helped me give up analog cigarettes. It comes the closest of the various tobacco e-juices IMHO to replicating cigarettes. Thanks!

(Posted on 8/24/2016)

By Jon


While all the flavors are the best out there, Sonata is hands down, my favorite. Real tobacco flavor, smooth, with a hint of sweetness. The almost hard to discern hint of sweet compliments a robust flavor that puts the finest cigarettes to shame. Really. You cannot go wrong with this creation.

(Posted on 8/23/2016)

By Ken


This is the best Cavendish I have tried. Sonata is true to it description. If you want a true tobacco flavor Black note you will find something for you. Will definitely order again.

(Posted on 8/22/2016)

By Ray

At Last No Perfume

Just started vaping one week ago after smoking for years and I was discouraged with the liquids I had tried so far. They all had an artificial perfume taste that I hated. But now that I have tried Black Note Sonata my outlook has changed. The true taste of tobacco. The essence of real tobacco is present and very enjoyable. Very smooth and mellow. Excellent flavor.

(Posted on 8/22/2016)

By Ric

A good blend

So far I’ve tried over half of the Black Note line up, and I would put this closers to the bottom. Even still, it’s not bad. That’s just how good their liquid is.

(Posted on 8/19/2016)

By Ian

So smooth

This is the 4th of the samples I have tried and it is a gem. It has a natural sweetness and is so incredibly smooth. I had taken a day off from Blacknote and tried another well known brand, it isn’t even close, even my least favorite Blacknote sample blows the other brand away. So much cleaner.

(Posted on 8/19/2016)

By Rob

Another Black Note gem

Having already tried Prelude, Forte, and Adagio, Sonata was next on the list. To my taste, it is just shy of the the sweetness of Prlelude, but not having quite the throat hit as my daily Forte. Forte is still my go to juice, however Sonata is the perfect choice for a bit of sweetness with the great tobacco flavor. Another Black Note gem!

(Posted on 8/15/2016)

By John


Sonata is spot-on to a straight-up mellow cigarette. It is delicious. The only problem is a want to just vape and vape and….

(Posted on 8/13/2016)

By Chris


I have been vaping Prelude, which is nice but a wee bit bland for me. I ordered Sonata (and Adagio – not tried yet), opened the Sonata first and I haven’t vaped anything else for 2 days. Wishing I had ordered a couple more :-). For me this flavor is perfect – your own mileage may vary!

(Posted on 8/13/2016)

By James

Top Notch Product

The absolute highest level of quality. Will continue to try new Black Note products.

(Posted on 8/12/2016)

By Diana

Will never smoke again

Thank you black note again. I am again amazed at how wonderful your products are with forte being my early morning vape sonata is my evening relax a truly wonderful experience. I am also very impressed with the service you provide always packaged high quality and very easy and efficientordinf. Living in New Zealand can be a hassle ordering from overseas and takes time and patience however never from you. It takes 4 days every time thank you so much keep up the great work

(Posted on 8/11/2016)

By Vickie mcneal


This is the best have to try it you will love it as I do

(Posted on 8/11/2016)

By Robert


Sonota is part of my rotation. I love tobacco (pipe, cigar, cigarette, chew, snuff, etc), so for me there is no favorite flavor. Each flavor is unique and offers an enjoyable vape that has great tobacco flavor. I find that every flavor starts to dull after vaping about a bottle so I switch flavors after I’m done with a bottle and I have found this works great for me. Blacknote has the best tobacco juice!!

(Posted on 8/10/2016)

By Jack

O This one your on the money

SONATA this one I like to to smoke win i am Drive in my truck . the cavendish Tobacco is just right for ME!

(Posted on 8/10/2016)

By Sigou

Just love it!

Sonata is so remembering of some of my life events, I can’t go a day without savoring the natural Cavendish tobacco. Less nutty than Legato but with a strong full flavor. Keep up the good work Black Note!

(Posted on 8/8/2016)

By Tyler

Ill Be Back, and back, and back

3 weeks ago today my Son was born, and I ended a 10 year smoking habit. Sonata was my first order from Black Note and I was inspired by positive reviews and the hope for a genuine tobacco flavor. When my package arrived 3 days later I was elated to discover the AMAZING packaging and beautiful product. I immediately filled my tank and proceeded to have a truly enjoyable experience. The Sonata blend is best described as a smooth thick mouthwatering pipe tobacco, sweet and mild. I was instantly taken back by the authenticity of flavor. All of the best things about Cavendish tobacco with none of the bad.

Customer for LIFE!

(Posted on 8/8/2016)

By Tim

Sonata is an excellent crafted Virginia

Prelude has been my choice liquid of the Black Note line for well over a year now. Over the last few months, I have alternated between Prelude and Sonata to mix things up a bit. I have now grown to like Sonata equally as well. Prelude has a sweet, creamy Virginia taste, while Sonata is not as sweet and has a slightly stronger robust flavor. No other NET’S come close to Black Note’s quality. Keep up the good work Black Note, and don’t change a thing!

(Posted on 8/7/2016)

By Mike

2nd place from the Notebook, 3rd overall

Sonata has a nice throat hit and good complex flavor. Personally, it won’t be my go to, but I could vape it all day with no issues. Coming from 1 3/4 – 2 pack a day 25+ yr habit, Blacknote juice is going to be my savior!

With Adagio I’ve cut that habit down to a pack every three days, gift from mom, whom I brought on board with CLEAN Blacknote products. I feel as if I’m plugging a competitor (Adagio), by mentioning it in all my reviews, but Adagio is just that good… I ordered the Notebook and received it as a gift (Thanks, guys!), had I not gotten that gift I MIGHT not have stuck with Blacknote, though I probably would have “settled” for the also awesome Legato.

(Posted on 8/7/2016)

By Jen

Best yet!

I’ve ordered this back to back and have vaped it way too fast! Deep, rich, satisfying, smooth flavor! Please don’t take my sonata away….

(Posted on 8/6/2016)

By Michelle

Another great one!

This was one of the first full sized bottles I ordered after the Notebook. Stronger than Prelude (which I also love), with deep flavor and complex notes that make for a very satisfying vape.

(Posted on 8/6/2016)

By Muhammad

Nice and sweet

well honestly, did not find much difference between forte and sonata, both are same in taste, but sonata is little more sweet than forte. Both comes on number one in notebook. Overall 100 marks.

(Posted on 8/5/2016)

By Anthony

Hands down, my favorite

I think that i have tried about 6 or 7 of the juices on offer here, and I would have to say that the Sonata is my favorite. I think that it is easily the most flavorful, but not in a “sweet” way. It is a really a clean and smokey taste that I can, and do, vape all day.

(Posted on 8/5/2016)

By Matt


I alternate between Sonata and Prelude as my all day vapes. Can’t say enough good things about Black Note.

(Posted on 8/4/2016)

By Jesus

Great stuff

Has a unique taste.

(Posted on 8/3/2016)

By Ira

Another flavor another five stars!!!!!

I originally purchased the notebook and Sonata was one of my favorites…I ordered a 30ml bottle and WOW!!! Subtle, smooth and satisfying. The folks at Blacknote have it down. I will order again. Five stars!!!

(Posted on 8/2/2016)

By Justin

Good Pipe Tobacco Taste

I have been really enjoying this one. Reminds me of some of my good pipe tobaccos! Would order again for sure. Slightly sweet with good tobacco characteristics.

(Posted on 8/2/2016)

By Mark


Sonata sits squarely in the middle of the Black Note line. Nothing really grabs you, but yet nothing turns you away. It’s a Marlboro Light, with a touch more sweetness, with well rounded notes of a fine Virginia tobacco. I love it for a relaxing vape where you are simply wanting to enjoy a mild tobacco flavor after a meal, or with an adult beverage. Highly recommend everyone giving it a try.

(Posted on 8/1/2016)

By Diane

This is IT

My favorite of the four flavors of the Notebook. Absolutely gorgeous, complex flavor. I was struck by how smoke-like it was! Has that real tobacco harshness in the throat that I loved about smoking. The vapor is abundant and hangs in the air like real smoke. Its rich flavor lingers on the palate. There is a certain sweetness that hangs around the edges, but it’s not sugar-sweet; it’s the sweetness of real tobacco. It tastes very… fine. Like, quality. Delicate, rounded, aged well. A proper smoke- I mean, vape. I’m in love. Totally sold. This is better than any cigarette ever was (except maybe Galoises). Heaven.

(Posted on 8/1/2016)

By Jerry


Thank you guys for coming out with something that is the same as Marlboro Light Cigarettes, I will never go back to smoking again very smooth with enough throat hit and sweet and subtle on the pallet with the exhale.

(Posted on 7/31/2016)

By Diana


I was given a sample bottle of this and I’m in love. I have been a smoker for yrs and have struggled with trying to give up. I have finally found the best alternative. Having tried e juice in the past I believed that I was doomed to cigarettes as l actually enjoyed the flavor and no e juice came even close. Until now I am truly grateful and amazed at how this tastes and for the first time believe that have found my freedom “thank you black note”

(Posted on 7/30/2016)

By Charlotte

Well Rounded

As a new, fresh-from-Marlboros ex smoker it was important for me to get something as close to what I had previously as I could. Blacknote has come the closest. Subtly sweet, very balanced and well rounded. I’m enjoying Sonata very much (it’s become my go-to daily) and I will be purchasing again. Cheers, Blacknote!

(Posted on 7/29/2016)

By Matt

Tastes like Marlborough Lights

Summary says it all. Marb Lights are my favorite brand, but Sonata is a faithful rendition of that flavor. I prefer the sample of Forte that Black Note was generous enough to include in my order. It has a fuller flavor and doesn’t have the ashy note that I’m getting from Sonata (and that I’m familiar with from having smoked Marlborough Lights occasionally).

(Posted on 7/26/2016)

By Steve


Sonata is a fixture in my daily vaping. The subtle sweetness with a rich, flavorful presence makes this one special for me. Black Note liquids are all that I vape. Heaven on earth for a guy that thought he could never quit cigarettes. Thanks Black Note!!!

(Posted on 7/22/2016)

By Arben

From Sonata To Prelude & Back…

When I first started with Blacknote, I ordered the case. I ended up liking Prelude, Sonata & one other ( but decided to stick with Prelude for awhile…until now)

A bit of a background on me, I’ve tried many tobacco types of juices. From V2’s to Eversmoke, Logic, Blu, All had something missing that didn’t let me to fully enjoy the flavor I was getting, until I came across Blacknote’s Sonata.

Sonata, for me, has more of a darker, stronger, tobacco feel to me and it’s for this reason I’ve decided to stick it out with this one over Prelude. Prelude is a more lighter, smoother feel, like a Marlboro light maybe, and while it is good, Sonata takes the cake for me.

(Posted on 7/20/2016)

By Jon


Sonata is so good. In fact, it’s so good that I like it better than a good cigarette. Great tobacco flavor.

(Posted on 7/19/2016)

By Frank

By far the highest quality.

I’ve gone through many e-liquids and never found the right one for me. Too sweet or too fruity. Too rough or bad after taste. Then I found Black Note. Sonata is the perfect fit for me. From the packaging to the bottle to the liquid. In a word, premium. Sonata is very smooth with a hint of sweet on the exhale and satisfying cloud production. Black Note has a new lifetime customer.

(Posted on 7/18/2016)

By vickie



(Posted on 7/17/2016)

By Mark

Choosing Among Excellence

I sampled the Classical Notebook flavors and upon vaping each e-juice in turn, decided that the one I was “smoking” was my favorite. I tell you with no small degree of assurance, that deliberation was difficult at best. I ordered two 30ml bottles of Sonata. This Cavendish blend is quite simply, amazing! I will also say that the customer service is as excellent as the product. Other e-juices now taste harsh and foreign, gathering dust on the shelf…

(Posted on 7/15/2016)

By John

A pleasant surprise.

Although I generally don’t like Cavendish-based pipe tobaccos, it works quite well as an e-liquid. This blend really surprised me with its excellent flavor. It has a very slightly sweet aftertaste that is natural, not artificial – just like a quality tobacco This is one of Black Note’s better blends.

(Posted on 7/14/2016)

By Jon


I ordered the eight bottle Notebook and while ALL the flavors are the best tobacco juice I have ever smoked, er vaped, the Sonata is simply stunning. I have have been a smoker for years but since I tried all these flavors, especially the Sonata, cigarettes are just not the same. They are just not as satisfying as the Sonata. Bye, smoking.

(Posted on 7/12/2016)


Very Good – One of the Best

Sonata is one of my favs . Ex Marb lite smoker – this is very similar. Slightly stronger than Prelude. Forte is my go to. Sonata and Prelude are interchangeable for me. I prefer Prelude (probably because I always have Forte on Hand.)

(Posted on 7/5/2016)


I Love Sonata

I just used my last drop and I mean my last drop I could get out of the bottle (Several minutes of holding upside down) I don’t do that very often. Sonata is really so delicious of a Virginia tobacco, that it’s like gold to me. When I smoked, I rolled my own and always used Virginia tobacco from several different companies, so I know Virginia tobacco & “Sonata is what it says it is and more. BOY am I glad I found Black Note for if no other reason then a good Virginia tobacco but it is so much more. It is clean, rich and tasty and everything and more I could want in a Vape Juice!!! Thanks Black Note for helping keep me off cigs. 10 Star Rating, Frank

(Posted on 7/2/2016)

By Kurt

Very Smooth with Excellent Flavor

I am new to Black Note having ordered Prelude and received Sonata as the sample included in the delivery. Sonata is what I ordered today because it has deeper and richer flavor that is moderate and more pronounced than the Prelude. Excellent e-liquid! Thank you.

(Posted on 7/1/2016)

By Walter


Sonata was sent to me as a sample. Fantastic juice! Cig lite with just a touch of sweetness at the end. I will be reordering this one for sure.

(Posted on 7/1/2016)

By Riyad

نكهه رائعه

سوناتا تعطيك نكهة السجار الفاخر

(Posted on 6/30/2016)

By Jeff

Red, Exactly like Bravura but one dimensional

Sonata is really good, it tastes almost exactly like Bravura, which means its cigarette tasting and not cigar tasting like Legato, but Sonata I’ve found to be more one dimensional and not as good as Bravura. Sonata just seems to be missing something that Bravura has. I think its just a little bit of richness, and the cherry note at the end of the exhale, but Sonata is still awesome.

(Posted on 6/24/2016)

By Marky305

Not much flavor

I just vaped on this for about 8 or 10 minutes and this just seems like an unflavored base. I can barely detect any flavor at all from this stuff. This company seemed pretty classic with their packaging and references to classical music, but basically, this stuff is overhyped. I guess I’m going to try to return this e liquid and say goodbye to Black Note.

(Posted on 6/24/2016)

By DianneLA

overjoyed!!!!! 🙂

Sonata is lightly sweet and clean. Like a breeze of fresh scent you would turn back and smell again, only this one wallops that same feeling but in the mouth.
I love it so much! Definitely one of the best! Sonata is very calming and soothing to me. I’m truly happy with this!
Lastly, I used my points to purchase 2 bottles and spent only a dollar! Thanks so much black note! I’m overjoyed!!!!! 🙂

(Posted on 6/24/2016)



“prelude” “sonata” are my favorites, with “prelude” being the 1, I must always have to have in stock. Well done Black Note!!!

(Posted on 6/24/2016)

By Gloria


Love Sonata E liquid too. Thank you Black Note this is one of my favorites

(Posted on 6/22/2016)

By Jason

This is GREAT!

I loved this vape, nice balance of full flavour with a touch of sweetness. One that I will be buying again. A thoroughly deserved 5 stars.

(Posted on 6/21/2016)

By Peter

Sonata Rich and Robust

I love the taste of tobacco, and I was hoping that I could find that in e Liquid. I discovered Black Note, and I finally found it. Ordered the Notebook sampler to try all the Blacknote Flavors I can’t believe the genuine tobacco flavor coming from this Sonata juice. I swear I feel like I am smoking a cigarette. Black Note is about as close to reproducing a true tobacco flavor as you can get. Sonata is a really delicious Virginia tobacco flavor and I could definitely see this as an all-day vape. It’s hard to decide on my favorite blacknote e-juice from the ones I have tied to date. .

(Posted on 6/19/2016)

By Steve

Keeps me coming back for more…

There is something about this liquid that keeps me coming back for more. A subtle sweetness combined with a savory tobacco flavor has me in it’s clutches! Great job Black Note!!!

(Posted on 6/17/2016)

By Aaron

Great e-liquid!

Sonata has a very nice tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness.

(Posted on 6/15/2016)

By Robert

My Everyday

This worked best for me with the sweet note at the end of inhale. It’s throat hit can be adjusted with the nicotine levels and a wonderful tobacco flavor thought the experience. By far one of the best tobacco juices out there.

(Posted on 6/15/2016)

By Helen

Good adv

This one is nice–not too strong, not too weak

(Posted on 6/12/2016)

By Doug


This is a great blend of tobaccos and very enjoyable. I still like the nicotine so I use the 18mg which has a great flavor. Very smooth, been using this for over a year and haven’t had a cigarette since I started.

(Posted on 6/12/2016)

By Ryan

A little stronger than prelude

This was my 2nd favorite from the notebook. Think I still prefer prelude, but I’d never turn this one down either! If you want a little more “oomph” than prelude, give this a try.

(Posted on 6/11/2016)

By yoo sun

Should start Blacknote series with Sonata

So I’ve ordered the sample pack and decided to buy the 30ml of Sonata after trying all the flavors. This is a very well rounded tobacco flavor and reminds me of marlboro lights. Its kinda sweet and has the light tobacco flavor so good for all day vaping. Recommend to those who never tried Blacknote series. Should start with this one!

(Posted on 6/3/2016)

By Tyler


Excellent stuff! Haven’t had a cigarette since I got this e liquid.

(Posted on 5/29/2016)

By GVictor

Great Deal

Yes , this is some serious eliquid , I really enjoy Sonata . I Find blending a certain amount with another juice is a real treat , also … Bam !

(Posted on 5/25/2016)

By Nicholas


I love it. It’s sweet but not as sweet as Prelude.

(Posted on 5/23/2016)

By Steve


Received this at 6mg and am just enjoying the flavor and smooth “kick” that Sonata offers. There is no turning back for me…I have found my brand with Black Note. Nothing finer!!!

(Posted on 5/18/2016)

By John

Sonata – Another Winner

Previously tried the Prelude which I loved. Just received a bottle of Sonata – I find it to be excellent also. To me I taste tobacco more with the Prelude less so with the Sonata. The Sonata seems to have slightly more spice. Both are very smooth and both are winners. 5 Stars all around. Tonight after a break I will try the sample Adagio that was included with my Sonata.. Thank You Black Note ! Glad I have several Mini Nautilus tanks as I can see I will want a number of the Black Note Flavors ready to go to change things up during the day.

(Posted on 5/16/2016)

By Jennifer

In a category above all others!

After trying many other tobacco flavored e-liquids, I discovered Blacknote Sonata. The quality and taste are the best I have ever encountered. Sonata is smooth, clean and a delicious tobacco blend with no unpleasant aftertaste. Clearly Blacknote has done their job and nailed it when developing their high-quality product. I’ve sampled some of the other flavors which are equally great in quality. If you enjoy tobacco flavored e-liquids then Blacknote is where you need to shop. Packaging and shipping times are incredible, and I usually wait only one or two days to receive my order. I only wish there was an option to buy a larger amount at a discounted price. My search is over and I have found the best….Blacknote!!

(Posted on 5/16/2016)

By Steven

Pleasantly Surprised!!

I was sent sonata by mistake. They let me keep the sonata for free. (thank you) And i have to say this was pretty good. I vaped it all.

(Posted on 5/16/2016)

By Kevan

The proof is in the puffin’

It’s tobacco and it tastes great, I like that my kids are not interested in it. It is difficult to hit the vape shop with children, the mail is actually more convenient to my lifestyle (24/7DAD).

(Posted on 5/10/2016)

By Gerardo


To me, as I vape my way through the entire Blacknote line of offerings; having experienced all but Solo and Quartet, Prelude, Sonata, and Cadenza form a related set of flavors, similar in style. Prelude as the mildest and Cadenza the more robust of them; with Sonata solidly flavorful in the middle.
Sonata, like the others is simply delicious, with a sweet, clean finish, reminiscent of Prelude, yet with a more pronounced core of perfectly cured tobacco. It serves me as an ADV, and seems to demand a quick follow-up “hit” every time I pick it up!
Like all the other fine BN products it impresses me how stable and cleanly consistent it performs. Truly lives up to the presentation. I try to always keep a supply on hand. Excellent product.

(Posted on 5/5/2016)

By Shelley


After reading the reviews I ordered the sonata blend which came promptly 3 days after ordering as promised. There was also a free gift sample of prelude in the shipment. Thank you! I loaded my device and vamped and was disappointed. Hardly any flavor at all! Tried the Prelude which had just slightly more flavor. And these were brand new atomizers. I use a Kangtech subvod pen. My two favorite juices are Lionhead Dry Season and Johnson Creek Red Oak Tennessee Cured. The latter which is really too thin to be used in a vapor pen but I like the flavor. Your juices are premium with premium prices and I would have liked to try a sample before buying. The Notebook is too pricey for me if I get stuck with flavors I don’t care for. I want pure tobacco flavor like in analog smoking and so far I’m not getting this in your products.

(Posted on 5/3/2016)

By Luis

Best Tobacco E-Liquids

As a first time buyer I was completely blown away by Black Note’s presentation and design, let alone the quality of their e-juice. If you’re into tobacco flavors, you must try Black Note’s line of juices. I’m planning to try them all! The sonata is a very smooth, fresh, tobacco ejuice that just feels natural and right.

(Posted on 5/2/2016)

By Tyler

Still the best.

By far the best smoothest liquid on earth. Great throat hit even at low Nic levels. Go to juice.

(Posted on 4/28/2016)

By Aaron

authentic earth and soil.

Another great flavor to keep around for a rainy night. Succulent and spicy. Perhaps a little too rich to be an all day vape. I liken it to a quality pipe tobacco to accompany a full bodied red wine. Probably my favorite of the lot. For that reason, I save it for the end of my day. Its simply perfect. Pour yourself a glass of cabernet or french merlot and cozy right up to this stellar vape. Black Note hit it right out of the park with this one.

(Posted on 4/27/2016)

By Spencer

Decent Alone; Good Mixed

To me, Sonata tasted almost exactly like Prelude, except with a bit more richness that was slightly more robust. Maybe a bit less sweet. Definitely should be tried mixed with other blends (like Forte or Legato). The added complexity could make for a really enjoyable vape.

(Posted on 4/21/2016)

By Henry


This is my favorite so far. Although the other five I’ve tried are also great.

(Posted on 4/18/2016)

By Will

My personal favorite

I love the taste of tobacco, for me the nicotine is a secondary benefit to tobacco. So when I decided to quit actual tobacco, finding a good tasting e-liquid is like trying to cold start a chainsaw that’s been sitting all winter; it probably won’t happen. Then I found Black Note, and their amazing line of real tobacco flavors (being an ex musician I also love the music theme) that, to my surprise, taste amazing. Picked the sample pack, not a single one was less than 3 stars, but a few stood out for sure. I decided a review of sonata was warranted since I tried 3 other flavors first and this one immediately went to number one for me. It is smooth and yet has lots of flavor. The description Black note provides is better than anything I could write, so if smooth, not spicy, is your flavor, I say give sonata a shot first.

(Posted on 4/18/2016)

By Zach


Love this blend!

(Posted on 4/15/2016)

By ramiro

Easy to try new flavors

I noticed its easy to try new flavors of BLACK NOTE .Unlike smoking cigarettes where you get used to the same chemicals and have to buy the same color pack . I can try many different flavors like SONATA this time and PRELUDE the next it makes for a more immersive vaping experience ! without being stuck with the same thing every time.

(Posted on 4/14/2016)

By sheila

The Best

I decided to stop smoking cigarettes. I purchased a box mod and a recommended juice. The juice was not bad. I happened upon Black Note and read every review. I decided to try the Sonata and never looked back. I wonder why I even smoked.

(Posted on 4/11/2016)

By M Jay

An Incredible Flavor

I want to begin by saying that I am relatively new to vapeing and am fortunate to have learned about Black Note early on. My hope was to find a tobacco flavor, or to develop a blend of tobacco flavors which reminded me of the day when I made my own. To me, Sonata is absolutely amazing.

From the first draw I knew Sonata was for me. Further, each suceeding draw elevated my appreciation for this flavor. In reading reviews for all eight flavors I found “earthy” often used to describe a particular flavor but my palate discerned varying differences in the “earthy” flavors. I was searching for the mellow, lingering flavor of my MYO blend which consisted of premium light Viginia and fine Turkish.

In some of the “earthy flavors” such as Bravura I sensed an overpowering, almost musty, sweet earthiness which was not right for me. It reminded me very much of a popular European tobacco I had tried several years ago and quickly discarded.

On the draw the wonderful flavor of Sonata, rolls across the tongue reminiscent of what Turkish did for me in the past. The flavor is incredible and lingers long after the exhale….mellow and slightly sweet with a pleasant touch of dryness….total Nirvana. It is perfect as an all day Vape, although I noticed that at 12MG the mild throat hit became a little too intense for me by evening hours. As a result I have cut back to 6MG without any loss of flavor and this has taken care of the evening harshness.

I am currently experimenting with blending my Sonata with a lesser amount of Prelude and finding this very enjoyable. While Sonata is my fav, I find the sweet, lightly vegetal flavor of Prelude much to my liking. The blend is delicious and the addition of the Prelude seems to increase the Vape slightly.

Thank you, Black Note. I am so impressed with your dedication to perfection; from the flavors you somehow extract through your NET processes to the class you exude through your outstanding customer service and amazing packaging. You are without question the absolute best.

(Posted on 4/11/2016)

By Quan

Excellent and high quality Vape Liquid

Excellent vape liquid. I’ve been vaping for 4 years and have to say this is the best tobacco e-juice i have tasted. So far i’ve only tried sonata and prelude, both great vape with excellent tobacco flavor, very light and smooth. Black Note is a definite winner.

As for Price, at 29 dollar for 30ml might seem a little high. but it is actually not. their point system and recycling program makes it much cheaper then a average 30 ml bottle at the local vape shops, which is about 22 to 25 bucks.

Lets do some math- after you buy 5 bottles (equals 145)

you would have accumulated enough points to get 1 30ml free and on top of that; when you recycle the 5 cardboard tubes you get another free 30ml bottle. So for $145.00 you are getting 7 bottles of premium tobacco e-liquid. so that comes out to be $20.71 per bottle. So it is actually cheaper then the local vape shops.

You’re Welcome Black Note!!

(Posted on 4/11/2016)

By Will E

Highly recommend

This has got to be my favorite flavor of all of them. Maybe I’m partial to Cavendish but non the less it’s a sweet rich full bodied flavor that’s great alone or pairs well with any beverage.

(Posted on 4/11/2016)

By James

Sweet, subtle, sublime Sonata

Encountered multiple reviews of Sonata online before I ever purchased anything directly from Black Note, all of which pointed to NET Sonata as the best tobacco flavored e-liquid on the market. I’m happy to say my experience mirrored all the reviews I had read. Sonata is very subtle, a little sweet and my favorite vape along with Quartet. Well done.

(Posted on 4/10/2016)

By Anastasios


Α different liquid with very good quality and good taste!

(Posted on 4/10/2016)

By John

Definition of Smooth

Sonata is my favorite blend. It is smooth and slightly sweet. This embodies the smell and flavor of a true English pipe. You could totally see Sherlock smoking this blend while he mulled over cases. A good mild flavorful vape. Enjoy!

(Posted on 4/9/2016)

By kevin

Above average – outstanding example in fact and I don’t say that lightly

Magnificent flavor – I was a cavendish smoker when I did smoke pipe so I was hoping this wouldn’t dissapoint. They treated the leaf english style (my preference) . Its smooth and biteless with the perfect tobacco essence on exhale . Mellow sweetness , flavor overall a little light on inhale but prominent as I said on the exhale. Pleasant and light, comforting. I’ve tried over a dozen commercial NET cavendishes and the only comparison I have is black cavendish steeped (aged) 2 months , black note of course ages it to perfection for you. Kudos to them on this one! I do not give this 5 stars for nothing

(Posted on 4/8/2016)

By Heath

Must try

I love Sonata and have ordered it multiple times. It’s a very realistic tobacco flavor, blending sweet and nut flavoring that tastes like a high end tobacco. A must have if you’ve never tried it.

(Posted on 4/4/2016)


Blew me away!

A local vape shop got a sample of your Sonata. They decided not to carry it for whatever reason and offered it to me when I asked if they carried your product. They added nicotine to it for me and wouldn’t even let me pay them for it. I was blown away, finally a liquid that gives full smoking satisfaction without the smoke, tar and gunk! As a 2 pack a day smoker for the last 30 years I never thought I would be able to give them up. After a life threatening situation, surgery, 2 weeks in the hospital and 2 weeks bed ridden at home I was “jonesing” for a smoke but my wife convinced me to stay off them and go with vapor! Tried many “tobacco” flavors that just weren’t right. This Sonata was heaven sent, I loved it and satisfying? You bet! Liked it so much I just ordered the notebook! Thank you black Note, You have gained a loyal customer and I can proudly say that I am now a non-smoker, can’t wait to try ALL your blends!

(Posted on 4/2/2016)

By Stevie


smokey and sweet,really nice taste!

(Posted on 4/1/2016)

By Mark

Well pleased

Received the sampler box as a gift from my son. Was well pleased by most all the flavors but Sonata was my favorite. I found that mixing a little Solo in with it makes a refreshing combination. Besides the quality of Black Note products, also very impressed with the packaging, free shipping, and 2-3 day priority mailing. Black Note will be the only source I use.

(Posted on 3/31/2016)

By Eddie


I am vaping Sonata right now and I’m somewhere between cloud nine and seventh heaven. On occasion I enjoy something mildly sweet and spicy. Sonata is that and more. The Sonata was tucked into a corner of The Black Note Notebook because Cavendish didn’t interest me. Gee, it is great to be wrong. Sonata fits anywhere. I bet it could even sweeten the anti-vaping crowd’s tune. Sonata is that pleasant!

(Posted on 3/30/2016)

By judith


Very nice vape. My second choice after Prelude.

(Posted on 3/30/2016)

By Rustin


Sonata is a super clean vape (some might say too light.) Vaping it makes you brain say, “smooooth.” Put on some Miles Davis, fire up some Sonata, and just float away to never ever land.

(Posted on 3/28/2016)

By William

Sweet, subtle, with dried fruit notes

Sonata is subtle, sweet, with dried fruit notes, as would be expected given the Cavendish base. It is delightful without a cloying sweetness that one might experience with a more cheaply constructed product. I find it mixes well with my favorite, Adagio. Although considered a dessert type flavor, I find this item suitable for any time or occasion. Outstanding. I would score it a 4.5, just a half-step below Adagio, Cadenza, and Bravura.

(Posted on 3/27/2016)

By Lani

Great as a blend

I am new to this. I just gave up my Newports 2 weeks ago. Being a menthol smoker, naturally, I ordered Solo. Fortunately, BlackNote was out of the 30ml bottle of Solo so they sent me four 7.5ml bottles of Solo and to make up for the “inconvenience” (what a great company), they sent me a 7.5ml bottle of their new Quartet. Well, at first I tried the Solo alone and I found it all menthol and not enough tobacco. Since I had it, I tried blending in some of the Quartet. I found this to be a wonderful, smooth blend that made giving up cigarettes very easy.

(Posted on 3/27/2016)

By alvin

My second most favorite Blend next to Quartet

Sonata is clearly my second most favorite tobacco blend. Don’t tell Black Note, but I would pay a lot more for it if I had to. after spending hundred’s of dollars on imitation tobacco flavors, I have finally found a great naturally sweet tobacco that is full flavored and mild. And What can I say about the Black Note company they are world class with great customer service and support very responsive. I all most gave up on vaping be fore I found Black Note

(Posted on 3/26/2016)

By Tom B

Best cigarette liquid.

By far the best taste if your looking for cigarette replacement.
They all say their liquid is as good as a real cigarette, this one actually is by far the best, price a little high but well worth it.

(Posted on 3/24/2016)

By Abu

Light taste

Marlboro lights smokers will like Sonata. I didn’t.

(Posted on 3/23/2016)

By joseph

A mild Blend

This is a mild blend, and has a smooth taste.I’ll rate it as a 5 star blend.

(Posted on 3/22/2016)

By Anthony


I tried the notebook and liked a few of the flavors. Sonata was my 3rd favorite of the bunch, behind Legato and Bravura. I will definitely be purchasing more Sonata and can highly recommend it.

(Posted on 3/21/2016)

By Rob


clean vape light in flavor but very satsifying

(Posted on 3/21/2016)

By Robert

Very Solid

Another very good tobacco flavor. Not my favorite but I would still easily be able to use this juice everyday. I think Bravura is my favorite. I really could do without any sweetness at all and Bravura does not seem to have any sweetness. In actuality, none of the Black Note liquid is sweet compared to other tobacco branded flavors. They are all very much like tobacco flavor of a cigarette just with small intricacies to each. Love them all honestly.

(Posted on 3/18/2016)

By ChrisC

Light, sweet, but still complex, vapes beautifully

Black Note has the cleanest vaping NET e-liquids on the market. I say this because while I love the NETs, they all have a tendency to burn on the coils. I drip on RBA’s so I can see the progression very well. I started with their sample pack and this Cavendish flavor is one of the ones I chose to re-order for the reason stated in my title. I highly recommend getting the Notebook to discover what you like.

Worried about the price? It’s still much cheaper than cigarettes and this is definitely a premium e-liquid. It vaporizes very cleanly, especially for a Natural tobacco extract.

(Posted on 3/16/2016)

By Benjamin

A solid flavor

I like the Sonata, it’s maybe a little sweet for me. Not that it’s cloyingly sweet, I just like very little sweetness at all in my eliquid. It has a nice flavor though.

(Posted on 3/14/2016)

By Charles

This is the closest thing to a Real Cigarette

I have tried Prelude and Legato and this is the best so far!

(Posted on 3/12/2016)

By Matthew

Smoothness incarnate….

Having tried all of Black Note’s offerings (except Solo as I don’t do menthol) I have to say Sonata is pretty much my favorite. I love them all to be honest. Sonata, in 3mg, is fantastic though. Smooth, but not at all lacking in flavor. With a vibrancy of flavor that you would expect in a good quality tobacco cigarette Sonata truly is a symphony on the taste buds. Sometimes hitting with a slightly sweet flavor reminiscent of molasses, then suddenly hitting you with a smokiness that just feels “right”. I like my tobacco flavors and will in total honesty say I have not yet found a single one outside of Black Note that even comes close to any of their flavors. For someone who is a lifetime smoker or someone who truly appreciates a medium flavored tobacco with some sweet after-tones, give Sonata a try. You won’t regret it.

(Posted on 3/9/2016)

By Paul

Best on the market

I tried the notebook and liked a lot of the flavors. this was the standout in my mind though. I will definitely be purchasing more.

(Posted on 3/9/2016)

By jade

Its like a Marlboro Light

I gave this a 4 star because I love Black Note even after my first order. I ordered Lagato and got the Sonata too. The sonata in 12 mg was too light for me.It did have the natural draw and taste of a real cigarette. This is great if you were a marlboro light smoker, and not a Red smoker like I was. The Sonata had no other tastes to it. It was clean and smooth even better than a cig. Not a full bodied flavor. Very light like a light Cigarette. Very good though if that is what you like. Just way too light for my taste. I am going to try Forte next.

(Posted on 3/3/2016)


A New Fave

Sonata is great. Very authentic. To me it comes the closest so far to the real experience of that habit I quit. Very nice with that hint of sweet spice somewhat like the odor of an open pack of cigs but none of that nasty burning. I am lucky as my boyfriend has all these flavors so I can sample them….this one will be in my first order.

(Posted on 3/2/2016)


Bold and Smooth

I got a sample of Sonata with my recent order and I am enjoying it as I type. It has a slightly stronger tobacco taste than some of the others and in my opinion is reminiscent of a fine pipe blend. Not as bold as Forte or Legato. Those seeking to mimic the flavor and experience of a real tobacco smoke should try Sonata. For those who have tried Prelude you might find this a more bold representation of that experience. I prefer this one on a low wattage setup to savor and enjoy. Very good.

(Posted on 3/1/2016)

By Alex


Absolutely awesome liquids.

(Posted on 2/27/2016)

By Patrick

Very nice E-juice

Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly to my liking. It was a bit too spicy for me and a bit too strong of a throat hit. However, I can see where this would appeal to a lot of people. I already like Solo and I know as I continue to try each of this individually I will come across the one for me outside of the menthol arena. Next in line will be Prelude. Since this in my opinion was still a excellent net ejuice. I will still give it 5 stars. A+++++ to the Black Note customer service!!

(Posted on 2/24/2016)

By Patrick

Liked Sonata

I like sonata but not as much as Solo. It has a harsh throat hit for me and a bit too spicy. I wish it was a tad sweeter. I have been adding menthol too it and that helps out. I will try Prelude next. Was dissappointed that I didn’t get a freebie to try out but I contacted them and was informed it is given only too 1st time customers. I thought that was kind of odd.

(Posted on 2/23/2016)



I can’t get enough of the full robust flavor of cavendish. This is my go to for night vapes while chilling in the lazyboy.

(Posted on 2/22/2016)

By Katherine

Sonata, my favorite so far!

I’m working my way through a notebook sampler and this was my third try. I did not even wait till I had gotten through the rest to reorder this one. Lots of flavor and character, but not at all harsh. It can stand on it’s own, but it can mix with a quality tea or floral flavor as well. And your graphic design is really impressive and consistent in a field that is mostly amateur hour.

(Posted on 2/21/2016)

By Kavin

Let the good times roll !

What an outstanding vape Somata is, what I really like about Black Note is the cloud lingering doesn’t smell bad like most other artificial Tabacco liquids. Clean good juice definitely an all day vape on a 1.0 coil. Ya’ll give it a try, you won’t be disappointed .

(Posted on 2/21/2016)

By Denis


Very nice flavor

(Posted on 2/17/2016)

By scott


Third note I have tried. At first I didn’t think I liked sonata. A little sweeter than the first 2 I tried. But now it might my favorite. Good stuff. Can’t wait to try the rest.

(Posted on 2/17/2016)

By Lee

clean and rich

this is by far the cleanest and best i have tried,smooth and gives me the small throat hit i like,can not go wrong with this one

(Posted on 2/17/2016)


Great Flavor!

I like this one the best!

(Posted on 2/17/2016)

By jeremy

Just like smoking but better

Thank you Black Note for Sonata, great rich cigarette taste coupled with a sweetness and a good throat hit, but as I’m vaping the 0.6, for me it was personally a bit too harsh,but this isn’t spoiling my enjoyment of Sonata, it just means that I cant vape it as long as I would like to normally. I will re-order Sonata,but the 0.3 version.

(Posted on 2/16/2016)

By RussPDX

Like a fresh pack of cigarettes

Sonata is my favorite blend so far. For me it perfectly captures the smell of a freshly opened pack of good quality cigarettes, like American Spirit, which I loved. After vaping Sonata for awhile, I lit up an AS for old times’ sake and realized I greatly preferred the light aroma of the liquid instead. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 2/16/2016)

By Christopher

Excellent Vape

There’s not a bad choice to be made at Blacknote. In my opinion, Sonata is a close second to Lagato.

(Posted on 2/16/2016)

By Cameron

Beautifully wonderful

What a beautifully wonderfully sweet robust and pure blend. Hats off to Black Note

(Posted on 2/15/2016)

By Cho

The sweetest of the bunch

Sweet, rich, creamy, and dark. Great flavor, but not one I would use as an all-day vape. For me, the throat hit was heavier than with the others.

(Posted on 2/13/2016)

By Wesley

Good But

I just got my 2nd bottle of Sonata today. The first I got was 6mg of nicotine and it was alittle harsh with a strong throat hit for my liking but I order a omg nice level and mix the two of them and the harshness went down a lot and the throat hit is a lot better. So I’m going to go with the 3mg nice from now on. It has a nice strong tobacco taste like a pipe tobacco and it has a little dry hit also but all in all it is the best e juice I have had that taste like tobacco I have found. I think I’m going to try a different one next but I will continue to buy from Black Note.

(Posted on 2/12/2016)

By Jeff

0.6 nicotine level as flavorful as 1.2

I was very impressed to find that lowering the nicotine level did not detract from the flavor of this Juice. I am now down to 0.6 and plan to gradually but steadily decrease to 0. Black Notes tobacco flavors are allowing me to successfully accomplish my goals, and enjoy doing so. I presently am ordering Forte in 0.6, and switch between the 2.

(Posted on 2/11/2016)

By sonja

Authentic cigarette flavor

The flavor is spot on. Tastes very similar to a real cigarette. Much better than other brands I’ve tried. I love that Black Note sends a tester bottle of another flavor and I am looking forward to trying them all eventually. But I’ll stick with Sonata for now, a winner first time. Good cloud production too, which is nice.

(Posted on 2/10/2016)

By Terry


Like a bold cup of coffee, delious

(Posted on 2/9/2016)

By Maggie


After agonizing over which flavor to choose, I finally chose Sonata for my first experience with Black Note. Wow! All the other juices are just a faint memory…..Sonata!

(Posted on 2/8/2016)

By Nancy

Not my fav but good all the same

I recieved Sonata as a sample and was thrilled it wasn’t Solo since I wasn’t a menthol smoker. Was wanting to try it, but on the fence about ordering it. I found it very smooth and much like a light cigarette. It’s still in the lineup with Prelude and Forte. Very good

(Posted on 2/8/2016)

By Sally

Another good one!

Wasn’t sure about this one at first but after awhile it really started growing on me. I guess I was used to the Virginia/Burley tobaccos that were in the analog cigarette I used to smoke. It’s nice to be able to try all the different tasting tobaccos out here! I’ve tried Prelude and Forte (the Virginia and burley tobaccos) also and so far they are all very good! Plan to explore the other tobacco flavors you offer.

(Posted on 2/6/2016)

By Richard

The absolute closest thing to real tobacco

The black note series of e-liquids has no real competitor that I’m aware of. All the other companies try to emulate tobacco by mixing different food flavors…and they taste nothing like tobacco. Black Note e-liquids are superior because they are doing it right, by extracting the flavor from actual tobacco! It makes it easier for people actually quitting cigarettes to transition over to vaping! These are the best tobacco flavor e-liquids–bar none!

(Posted on 2/5/2016)

By Alex

Not as expensive as they seem

Flavors are a preference, and I do like this one too. Most importantly, if you get on all the programs, only $23 a bottle! I only buy Black Note now.

(Posted on 2/3/2016)

By Diana

Great product

Ordered the Sonata flavor having never used your company wasn’t sure what to expect. Outstanding flavor and shipped to me quickly. I received within three days. The company I used to order from was out of my brand of liquid, I shopped around and tried yours and so glad I did. Their loss is your gain, and my gain too!

(Posted on 2/3/2016)

By John


This is my 2nd fav to Bravera! The taste is smooth and tangy (at least for me). Blacknote provides one of a kind juice and is my only vape.

(Posted on 2/2/2016)

By Sean

Simply amazing.

I’ve been a tobacco smoker for 16 years. New to vaping; and ‘chemically’ produced tobacco flavores, well they sucked.

As far as Black Note’s N.E.T. blends: I was blown away by the intensity, the authenticity of Sonata. Not too sweet, not too bold, just right. By far simply amazing.

(Posted on 1/31/2016)

By Sean

Good but it gunks up coils

This is the sweetest and maybe the darkest of all of BN flavors. I like it a lot. But it clogs up the organic Cotton in my aspire bvc coil and then it burns, causing me to replace the coil. It’s a shame because it really is a good flavor. Reminds me of sweet pipe tobacco. If I buy another vape I will try it again. But for the one I have now it’s a no go unless I want to change coils every two days.

(Posted on 1/28/2016)

By Kurtis

Rich tobacco flavor

I have tried four different flavors so far and all have been amazing this is no exception. Nothing but good things to say. It is nice to have them all to switch it up.

(Posted on 1/27/2016)

By Kurtis


Was sent a small sample of this with my last order. Will be including a 30ml in my next order.

(Posted on 1/27/2016)

By michael

the best

This one I love, I have bought 10 bottles so far. Not to sweet not to harsh” just right”

(Posted on 1/23/2016)

By Edward


This a smooth liquid with rich tobacco flavor. Try Black Note if you are looking for true tobacco flavor with no added sweetness.

(Posted on 1/23/2016)

By Raymond

Another great flavor, making my all day vape choice more difficult.

After several bottles of Prelude, I decided to try Sonata. My I only complaint is that now I can’t decide which flavor I prefer.

(Posted on 1/23/2016)

By Jeff

Smooth and rich

I was very impressed with my first purchase from Black Note which was the Sonata. No candy flavor, just a rich, smooth, tobacco expierience. I am planning to try the Forte blend next and compare.

(Posted on 1/22/2016)

By Kyle

excellent customer service

I had ordered 2 bottles of Sonata, and only received 1 in the mail. I called the number and, pardon me but I don’t remember who I spoke with, but he immediately made it right and sent out my order – so basically I got a free bottle. I just ran out of juice today and had to make a quick stop to get a small bottle of “house juice” to hold me over until another order of black note comes in – and I tell you what – get used to Black Note and it will be nearly impossible to go back to cheap “house juice” or anything else. Black Note customer for life. Or until I quit vaping, whichever comes first.

(Posted on 1/20/2016)

By Mike

Smooth and light.

This was a nice smooth vape.Very subtle spice and somewhat sweet. very mild yet it still offers pretty rich notes of flavor.. Not my personal favorite, but I still vaped it all day every day for a couple, and enjoyed every bit of it!

(Posted on 1/18/2016)

By Thomas

I Don’t Have to Choke Down Fruity E-Juice Anymore

This was my first purchase from Black Note, and I am happy to say that I do not have to try any other e-juice company again. This is like taking a smoke, not taking a drink of some fruity drink. Vaping replaces cigars for me, and this juice reminds me of a mild cigar. It’s exactly what I was trying to find since I started vaping. I would definitely recommend.

(Posted on 1/17/2016)

By Alan

Delicious, Mellow and Sweet!

I’m enjoying Sonata immensely! Hearty, sweet Cavendish, is right! I also want to add this – if you are coming from smoking cigarettes … or, just as much, if you are coming from eCigs … to trying the Black Note tobacco blends, be informed that it may take as long as 10 days before your taste buds wake up and begin to appreciate these wonderful blends.

I’ve been enjoying Black Note now for a couple of weeks and two weeks ago I could hardly distinguish the difference between Prelude and Bravura. And then! A few days ago, my taste buds woke up and I have really been enjoying the differences between all these different blends!

Give your taste buds time to wake up!

Also, I can’t say I yet have a favorite because I am absolutely loving each and every one, so far! Now, I have NEVER liked menthol cigarettes … and I’ve been thinking that Solo wouldn’t be on my list, at all. But I’ve changed my mind about that because I’m convinced that the Black Note team is so proficient at delivering their symphonies that I’ll probably enjoy Solo when I try it, too!

Amazing … just amazing.

(Posted on 1/12/2016)

By ramiro

best ejuce to quit smoking

i stopped smoking American spirits and this e juice is the best for people who like the natural taste of tobacco without any nasty chemicals and artificial flavors i have loved every flavor so far. Sonata is wonderfull.

(Posted on 1/12/2016)

By Bruce

Like Cavendish Pipe Tobacco

Virginia tobacco is steamed, pressed, and partially dried to produce a very mild, toasty, and slightly sweet, dark Cavendish tobacco. Cavendish is generally too bland to be smoked by itself, and is normally used as a component of flavored pipe tobaccos. I was surprised to see unadorned Cavendish as one of the Black Note flavors, and wasn’t really expecting much from it, but I have to say, it really does taste like Cavendish pipe tobacco, and it’s not bad!

(Posted on 1/9/2016)

By chris

smooth and rich

second choice as an all day vape. Very smooth in am or before bed especially. Reordering my top 3 now. Black note is an awesome company with great products. You will love one of them at least.

(Posted on 1/9/2016)

By Rocco

Tasty sweet but not overwhelming

I started with 18 mg. And found it to strong to sub ohm 6 mg was way better and the 03 mg was perfect for me

(Posted on 1/7/2016)

By Luis

Taste great

Very smooth and clean hit.

(Posted on 1/5/2016)

By Kelly


What can I say Sonata is amazing! Love the sweet tones and great throat hit! I think this is one of my new favorites!

(Posted on 1/4/2016)

By william

rich n sweet

to me this is the most complex flavor. its got a strong rich kick and a ton of sweetness to back it up. this is a very refined high class flavor and screams quality. my favorite vape

(Posted on 1/3/2016)

By william

A unique vapor

This one was another surprise for me and I found that although I had never had cavendish tobacco before I like the liquid they made for it. I would vape this again

(Posted on 1/3/2016)

By Gojira


I’d like to add to my first review and mention that as a 27 year two pack a day smoker the 18mg is perfect. Thanks again Black Note!

(Posted on 1/3/2016)

By khalfan


I like this liquid

(Posted on 1/2/2016)

By Gojira

Thank you Black Note!

I stopped chain smoking American Spirit Blues two months ago and couldn’t find a satisfying e-juice. I mouth to lung draw and I’m not interested in going sub-ohm. I was so excited to get my Sonata that as soon as I received it I immediately started vaping, even though it was extremely cold from the weather. Terrible idea..But I gave it a day and couldn’t be happier. After 20 plus bottles of e-juice this is the first one I loved and only the third that I don’t hate. It tastes close to the American Spirit Black Perique package with a sweet pipe tobacco finish. It’s smooth, tasty, creamy with nice throat hit and sweet. Not recommended for light cigarette smokers. But for full flavored Red/Camel Filter smokers or people who are trying to get off a pipe or cigars (although I’ve been told that Bravura may be the way to go for cigar smokers) it’s amazing. It tastes like better quality tobacco than any cigarettes I’ve smoked

(Posted on 1/2/2016)

By Scott


Quitting cigarettes after 40 years. Tried a tobacco flavor from local smoke shop. It did the trick, but was a little harsh on my throat. So I ordered the sonata which tastes and feels more like cigarette. Shipping was quick and free. My goal is to eliminate nicotine. There are several options all the way to zero. Meanwhile I have found what I feel is a superior product with a great taste and smooth. Thanks Guys.

(Posted on 1/1/2016)

By anthony

Great juice.

Not as sweet as I expected, but that’s a good thing. I bought what I thought would be the sweetest flavor first, intending to go up with each purchase. It’s sweet, but not too sweet to seem inauthentic. Tastes like real tobacco to me. I’ve since decided to just buy the notebook and try them all. Definitely great juice, but I have to say the care they take in serving customers is even better! The packaging is fantastic, free THREE day shipping, when they say $29 they mean exactly that, I was charged not a cent more than $29. 60 day money-back guarantee and they’ll even pay the return fee. Black Note is obviously as confident and proud of their product as I am.

(Posted on 12/31/2015)

By Sarah

Full, robust tobacco flavor. Great for quitting smoking!

I like this flavor because it’s bolder. It’s rich, but it’s still not a harsh hit on the throat. It’s a smooth, full body tobacco flavor. You can almost taste the tobacco leaves. Very robust for an e liquid. I highly recommend this to someone who is trying to replace full bodied cigarettes as I have. I can see this liquid becoming one of my daily vapes.

(Posted on 12/24/2015)

By Mark

Like a light Cigarette

Very good but a little to light in throat hit to me, but good flavor.

(Posted on 12/21/2015)

By TasteofHoney

A good introduction to tobacco flavored e-liq, but strong

This is an update of my previous review. I’ll still give it 4 stars. The Sonata has a strong throat hit that I don’t find terribly appealing, but I can imagine folks who smoked full-strength cigs might by impressed by that. I just happen to prefer a more medium to light smoking experience.

(Posted on 12/18/2015)

By Christopher

great for a sweeter flavor

I can see why this is a favorite. It is sweet and rich while not tasting too strong.

(Posted on 12/17/2015)

By Derikk

Spicy and fruity

In between light and dark. Perfect throat hit and fairly sweet! Tasty vape liquid for sure!

(Posted on 12/17/2015)

By Jay

Sonata will not dissapoint

This will be my first choice for a good ADV the flavor is what I have been searching for that gives me the best experience to an analog if not better, pure enjoyment. glad I found blacknote

(Posted on 12/14/2015)

By TasteofHoney

A tasty blend of honey/peppery notes

My first vape/e-liquid experience and I am mightily impressed. I am a former smoker looking for an alternative to analog cigs, and the Sonata e-liquid comes remarkably close to the real thing.

There is the an initial balsamic sweet taste–almost buttery. The hit at the back of the throat is quite strong, so I don’t recommend taking deep inhales at first. The Sonata finishes on a robust and peppery note. I could see pairing this e-liquid with a nice Malbec or IPA.

I doubt I’ll go back to analog cigs. I’ll give it 4 stars now since it is my first experience, and will adjust the review after going through the entire notebook.

(Posted on 12/13/2015)

By Nikki

So good

This is my fav flavor so far for sure

(Posted on 12/12/2015)

By FJcruze

Glad I took the chance

Had read the reviews and was a little sceptical, but now I am so glad I ordered the Notebook. . Started with the Prelude which was a deep robust Tobacco flavor and then followed it up with the Sonata that is sweeter with a hint of fruit. I’m only into my second bottle of the 8 types and looking forward to making my way thru the notebook.

(Posted on 12/10/2015)

By John

The best

This is hands down my favorite. It is the sweetest and richest of the bunch. Also the most unique. Can’t get enough of it

(Posted on 12/4/2015)

By Mel

Pretty smooth

I find that this blend is very well balanced. The flavour is mild but enjoyable. It’s not my favorite one of the Notebook, but I could definitely vape on this all day.

(Posted on 12/3/2015)

By Kyle

I love this flavor

All of the Black Note line has been great, but this flavor is the BEST I’ve tried so far. It has a mild, sweet/fruit flavor on the exhale that just distinguishes it from everything else. This is definitely an ADV for me as well. This is one that I will need to keep a bottle of on hand at all times.

(Posted on 12/1/2015)

By Jim

Amazing Blend

Started out with For-te as my favourite and I have now moved Sonata up the list. Very natural vape like all the Black Note ejuice with a sweet exhale. Really enjoying this right now as my ADV.

(Posted on 11/30/2015)

By Spencer

Unique and insanely complex! Exotic even.

To me, the most unique of the bunch, and definitely for someone who loves complexities in tobaccos. This will probably be my shortest review, just because I think, like a fine wine, different people will taste different things. earthy front end, rich mid-tones, smokey sometimes. You get the idea. The back end is very sweet, but bitter fruity. And by that I mean wild berries, and almost a touch of anise. I even had coffee overtones at one point. Again, to me the most “interesting” of the bunch, and everyone will have something differeent to say about it. Not an all-day-vape in my opinion, but something to share with a mild Scotch……or maybe Cognac…..

(Posted on 11/29/2015)

By Abdul

My number 6

Review by Abdul Rahman (using Kayfun V4, with Kanthal A1 28g, 8 wraps in 2.5mm, 1.5ohm, firing at 13 watts)
In my opinion, Sonata is for those who regularly pipe. You may find natural tobacco flavor and a hint of subtle sweetness, but for me this is not my all day vape. Maybe more suitable to pipers. Medium bodied throat hit, and this is my #6 from 8 available in Black Note line.

(Posted on 11/27/2015)

By Jeffrey

One of the most enjoyable e juices on the market!

UNfortuately for me, Black Note wasn’t around when I started vaping so I’ve gone through a lot of flavors and brands over the years. I can honestly say that while all ofBlack Note’s flavor offerings are better than anything else on the market, Sonata is the top of the top for me. It has lighter flavor than some of the others but is extremely well balanced and to me, provides the most enjoyable experience.

(Posted on 11/24/2015)

By Michael

Smooth and Robust

I usually steer away from the sweeter tobacco e-liquids, but Sonata really hits the spot. This blend is sweet, but not overpowering. And the rich earthiness creates a supremely satisfying experience. Perhaps this would not be my everyday blend, but the one I would choose to vape with a cognac after a dinner with friends. Black Note shines with this product. I would recommend it highly.

(Posted on 11/21/2015)

By alvin

even better when it’s steeped

Like all the rest of the black note e-liquid I am totally in love with Sonata, But I have learned that they all get even better as you let them steep the longer the better. That brings out the natural sweetness of the tobacco . you cant lose on any of them.
God Bless
Alvin . H
Brunswick, Ohio

(Posted on 11/21/2015)

By Timmy


This one is def my favorite. It is the sweetest of all of them, and to me has an unbeatable unique flavor. I love this stuff

(Posted on 11/14/2015)

By Michael


Another winning flavor. These guys know they are doing. Well done !!!

(Posted on 11/10/2015)

By Ercolano

Highly recommended

Sonata is a ADV . Nice throat hit with a mild sweet after taste, Continue to purchase Black Note E- Liquids….best Tobacco flavors on the market today.

(Posted on 11/10/2015)

By Randy

Highly recommended!

Sonata has a light sweetness to it with a great throat hit. My opinion this one resembles more of a stronger tobacco flavor. LOVE IT..

(Posted on 11/3/2015)

By James

A good start

Sonata is what I started with. I was brand new to vaping, but would have given up altogether if I hadn’t found Black Note. Anyway, this one is what it is. That sounds vague, and it is vague, but it’s just a well crafted juice without much standing out. I will say, however, that there is definitely a sweetness to this one. At first I dug that a lot, but as I tried out other flavors, I liked the complexity. I still dig the flavor a lot and vape it often, it’s just a great Cavendish. I love it mixed with the Forte.

(Posted on 11/2/2015)

By JuicyG

Beautiful blend

This is a very bold but sweet blend. Strong throat hit with a sweet after taste, my new favorite. After 35 years of cigarette smoking, I finally found a alternative I know will work, thank you black note!!!!!!

(Posted on 11/1/2015)

By Michael


Sort of in the middle in terms of flavor as I vape my way through the Note Book. Its a very mellow vape, clean tasting with excellent flavor. I rate this 4.8

(Posted on 10/29/2015)

By Eduardo

Sweet and smooth

Sonata taste like a smooth pipe tobacco, and it’s sweet and smooth, what might please some non smokers out there.
Overall a great juice for all day vape!

(Posted on 10/24/2015)

By sarah


finally …juice that taste like tobacco

(Posted on 10/24/2015)

By Matt


What an amazing product. I will admit, my first few vapes I was questioning my purchase. The smoothness and flavor were nothing like I had experienced having vaped other “cavendish tobacco” juices. However, once I sat back and really tasted the juice, cleared my mind of the fake tasting, sweet juices I have been vaping and began to really taste and appreciate this juice, I was hooked. This is true tobacco flavoring. Not overpowering, just right. Thank you Black Note for creating a superior product.

(Posted on 10/23/2015)

By Michael

Medium and very good

Found this one medium strength from the notebook. Well balanced smokey, slightly sweet and rich. Very good though not my favourite.

(Posted on 10/18/2015)

By Rockhead1203

The one and only

Black Note Sonata has been my fave for awhile now . Not knowing sub ohm vaping to well had a bottle of 18 % and wow it was like inhaling a cigar tastey but kinda harsh a fellow at a vape shop told me that you need the lower strenth nicotine for a excellent vape expirience and he was on the money with that advice i wont vape anything else only Black Note liquids.

(Posted on 10/15/2015)

By Cigar Smoker..not as much

A Great Blend

I have to admit that Forte, is my favorite, but there are also great tobacco qualities in Sonata, and I periodically break from one to enjoy the other. Sometimes I mix the two to make a different taste to keep vaping interesting. All of these liquids are first class, first rate quality products. I was going to try to cut my previous brand experiments into the Black Note products to try to “use it up” but on second thought I chucked em’ because I couldn’t bring myself to adulterate the pure beauty of these well made juices. It would be like stretching Grand Marnier with Triple Sec.

(Posted on 10/14/2015)

By Tony

The absolute best

This is #1 on my list. I could vape this all day every day. It has such an enjoyable natural sweetness, and a very unique tobacco flavor. I highly recommend this one. Way to go black note

(Posted on 10/13/2015)

By Michael

Sonata review

This is a very mild, smooth blend, vapes very well. This is my first experience with a Black Note product. I purchased the Notebook, so I can’t wait to try the next one!
I rate this at 4.6

(Posted on 10/7/2015)

By Will

Hands down my go to vape.

I’m a huge cavendish fan. I have to say this beats my favorite candy cavendish by another vendor. It’s not sugary sweet but has a hint of sweet. This is a bold rich tastes that’s good from start to finish. I would give more stars but it stops at 5.

(Posted on 10/5/2015)

By vaporschoicesupply


I have been trying E-Juice from a lot of sites trying to find premium liquids that I wanted to sell in my vape shop I am in the process of opening. When I first started vaping, I laid down my cigarettes and haven’t picked up one yet, that has been almost 2 years. I wrote this because the search for tobacco flavors was so hard to find, that I almost gave it up. I find most vendors sell cereal flavors, and any kind of candy and desert that can be imagined without a quality tobacco flavor. AT LAST, I was watching a you tube of “Indoor smokers” one night late, and he had a notebook of just tobacco, I don’t want to say flavored, because Blacknote is the closest thing you can get to lighting a real cigarette. I ordered the notebook of samples and I just gotta say, I have not vaped anything since I received the samples from blacknote. They have without a doubt, hit the nail on the head with their tobacco E-Juice. I just want to say thank you to the ladies and gents at blacknote, they have produced without a doubt the finest tobacco I have ever tasted. I don’t write reviews, so please forgive the jumping around, But I intend to carry the entire line and I am getting close, in my shop. I even took it by another vendor, whom owns a Distributor of all brands of vape equipment, and handed my mod to the owner, told him to get a drip tip and vape the best liquid I ever tasted, to say the least, he was very impressed. So anyone that gets to the page, please do yourself a favor and try the notebook out. You will be amazed. and he was. Thank you!

(Posted on 10/1/2015)

By Steve in Australia

Usually in my Pocket

Based on the rate at which I consume it, this must be my absolute favourite. Sonata is very smooth, with delicate yet complex flavours and just the right amount of natural sweetness. It is absolutely first class and the one that’s usually in my pocket when I’m out and about.

This might be a good time to mention the setup I’ve evolved. For each of the five Blacknote flavours that I use, I have a dedicated Kanger Protank 3 (dual-coil, usually 1.8 ohm) and a dedicated Kanger EVOD tank (single-coil, also 1.8 ohm). Each pair of tanks is colour-coded to one flavour, so I don’t mix them up (well, not too often).

I normally use the larger tank on an Apollo V-Tube 4 (much better than their version 3), which is powered by a removable 18650 battery, and has variable voltage and wattage. It’s big and bulky, but great for home use, and the battery lasts all day. But I use the smaller EVOD tanks on Apollo “twist” 900 mah batteries (variable voltage), especially when I’m moving around the garden or the city. Yes, either tank fits either battery, but the small tank looks faintly ridiculous on the big V-Tube (kind of like a Saturn rocket, or the hypodermic needle from hell). Putting the much heavier Protank on the smaller battery makes it incredibly top-heavy, and it falls out of my pocket every 10 minutes or so (once into the Indian Ocean) – bummer! But in a pinch, everything fits everything.

Footnote: The replaceable coils seem to last a fair bit longer when using Blacknote liquid in comparison to other more viscous brands, saving maybe $20 a month.

The only problem this setup presented was the difficulty of filling the smaller EVOD tanks with the rather large diameter dropper in the 30 ml bottles. Fortunately I saved the little bottles (with smaller droppers) from my Notebook, and I keep five of those topped-up from the larger bottles, just for EVOD filling. One more thing to do, but less mess, cursing and wasted liquid.

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Jay

Impressed all over again

I started with the Notebook 5 months ago in 2.4% nicotine and tried them all except for Solo. It took some time to find just the wattage to fire my mod at to get the best flavor. I liked Sonata when I fist tried it but fell in love with Forte and continued to order it over and over again. Today as I wrote some reviews for my favorite flavors from Black Note I decided to go back to the Notebook and retry some that didn’t get emptied the first time around. Sonata impressed me all over again and tastes even better than I remembered. Since I’ve noticed with Forte and Prelude that the flavor gets better as you drop the nicotine level I’m going to order a 30ml bottle of Sonata next time I order at my current nicotine level of 1.2%. It has a great smokey sweet full body flavor that I’m surprised didn’t stick in my memory. That’s the thing with Black Note though. All the flavors are so good that it’s easy to fixate on one as your favorite after just a few vapes and forget to give them all an equal chance. This one was defiantly worth trying again.

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Sean

Sweet and Rich

Sonata has a nice sweetness to it. It is similar to Prelude but has a richer flavor.

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By robert

My Favorite of all them.

Although all the Black Note vapes are good this is my favorite.

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Jack


This is my second favorite of this line. It is rich, complex, and real smooth with a subtle hint of sweetness. Great tobacco flavor. Definitely will be buying this again

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Tyler

Fantastic sweetness

Sonata has been one of my go tos since I tried the black note line. It is sweet and has a strong throat hit and always delivers that unique taste. It is one of the most unique flavors in their line and I always carry some on me when I want to mix it up. Some days I just crave Sonata and you will to if you like the undertones of sweet as opposed to spicy or nutty.

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Sean

Good all around

This flavor is somewhere in the middle of the road as Black note flavors go. It has more tobacco flavor than Prelude but not as heavy as Forte. Just a good all around sweet tobacco taste.

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Alvin

9-30-15 Another naturally sweet tobacco

Another naturally sweet tobacco from Black Note, You can really tell the difference between natural and artificial sweetness in there tobacco flavors, Sonata is great. And I hope Black Note is around for many years to come !
God’s Blessings

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Julie

Very nice indeed

Sonata is one of my four ‘go to’ e liquids from Black Note, another beautifully crafted tobacco flavor that you can actually taste the sweetness and richness of the leaf.

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Scott


My everyday favorite. I can vape this all day long and not get tired of the taste. Great throat hit. It generate delicious giant clouds.

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By steve

only the best

going from the cigs into vaping this is as close as it gets
Thanks Blacknote

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Ronald

Great Flavor

I brought this one to see if the Cavendish was similar to a pipe tobacco, while it was lighter than I hoped, it had great flavor and body. For those wanting a fuller smoke, this is one you need to try. Blacknote, have you thought about trying a couple aimed at the pipe/cigar crowd? 😉

(Posted on 9/30/2015)

By Casey

Professor’s Pipe

This juice has all the qualities you would expect in a sweet pipe tobacco. Close your eyes and you can see the stack of old books and the professor there grading a horrible English thesis.

I’m almost through The Notebook, and I still don’t know which is my favorite. Damn you for making it so difficult…and Thank You!!

(Posted on 9/29/2015)

By Roger

This is the best

If you only have money for one bottle of black note, this is the one to get. A complex yet smooth blend that is worthy of every puff. A rich flavor that seems to get better and better. If you have the money, indulge yourself in the tasty experience that is Sonata.

(Posted on 9/29/2015)

By Victor

More of the same…EXCELLENCE!

I tried to go through my notebook slowly, but have been too excited to try the different blends. Maybe the order I picked was lucky, but this is even better than the last. Another true tobacco taste. So far every juice has been something I can vape all day with no let down. Because of the true tobacco taste, the novelty doesn’t wear off like other tobacco “flavored” juices. As long as they make this juice, I will be a customer.

(Posted on 9/29/2015)

By David

Good stuff

Let me start by saying, I’m not going to give you the flavor notes I taste like other reviews. All the flavors are great and worth a try. I will say don’t expect a lab made tobacco flavor. These are natural flavors with a light organic taste. With that said black note is the only n.e.t. I have tried and the only one I trust! Being able to look at the lab reports and the fact they are cold extracted gives me peace of mind that there are no not need additives in my juice. The company itself is great. Fast ship out time and fast shipping. Give black note a try you will be happy you did. Thank you black note!

(Posted on 9/29/2015)

By Nicholas

This ended my desire for smoking

I had an opportunity to sample this in the notebook. I have to say, I have been looking for a realistic tobacco juice for years. This one ended my search, and along with it, my interest in cigarettes. To each his own, but this is my favorite. It’s delicious, smoky, and sweet. Cannot go wrong with this one.

(Posted on 9/29/2015)

By Allen

Blown Away

First hit I knew I loved it. But I am amazed at how the longer you vape, the more notes you pick up on. Its not like other ejuices thats you get bored of. Its consistant and complex. It’s rich and smooth. Buying the Notebook was really like a journey.

(Posted on 9/29/2015)

By Teresa


I really like Sonata. I have tried many juices that are suppose to resemble tobacco flavor, but this is the first juice I have tried that actually has a true tobacco flavor. Sonata is really smooth and not too overpowering. It has a slight sweetness to it, but not too sweet. I am not a fan off all the sweet vape liquids out there. Black Note has produced a quality product!

(Posted on 9/29/2015)

By Anthony

The best

This is one of the absolute best tobacco flavors ever developed. It puts analogs to shame I will never Vale anything else period!

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By Den

Great Tobacco Flavor

Good tobacco flavor. This one maybe my favorite, but have a few more to taste

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By Joseph

Oh, Sonata!

Another great product from the fine folks at Black Note. Complex, layered tobacco flavors abound. I really enjoy this one in the evenings, or after a big meal. Very satisfying.

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By Britton

Sonata – Wine Tasting Experience from Black Note

Black Note has produced some of the finest e-liquid on the market. I do vape some of the sweet juices because they are the most common thing out there. I had been looking for something like this for a long time and Black Note came through. Do not expect to get you typical “tobacco flavored” juice. In my opinion, those do not taste like tobacco. If you are looking for a “cigarette flavor”, you will not get that from Black Note. What you will get is an experience similar to a wine tasting. After vaping all of these for several weeks, I figured out exactly how I like to set up my equipment to achieve the maximum flavor notes. Prior to reviewing this, I will let you know how I set up my mod. This set up may sound crazy, but I use this: I do a single coil 15 wrap 26 awg build. This is a 1.9 ohm build and I vape that at 17 watts. This may sound strange, but I have gotten my best flavor from this set up. If you are looking to blow clouds with this, then Black Note probably isn’t the best liquid. The Black Note line is a more enjoyable, fine flavored, relaxing vape that makes you feel like you are sitting in a leather chair in a room with the lights lowered and a glass of fine whiskey in one hand and your mod in another.
Has an interesting flavor that in my opinion is the most neutral of all of the flavors. This flavor is very nutty but the flavor sweetens at the end of the inhale. if you can imagine smelling a light leather note and almonds with just a tiny bit of vanilla, that is what the flavor that I get from Sonata

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By Robert

Nice Sweet Cavendish

It’s one of my favorites from Black Note. I got a strong rich taste with a nice sweet tone on the exhale. It’s clean and natural and gives a nice throat hit at 3 mg nicotine. For me a good all day vape.

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By Troy

Awesome tobacco flavored ejuice!

Sonata is different than any ejuice flavor I’ve tried. In fact, it’s strong, and gives me the feeling of smoking real tobacco. It doesn’t smell like anything when you open the bottle, but when I sub ohm vape it I get an incredibly rich tobacco taste. Black Note sent me a sample of Forte with my order which is a really nice way to say, “Thanks for ordering from us”. I can’t wait to try Forte next. If you are looking for the taste of tobacco and you don’t mind a strong tasting vape definitely give Black Note’s Sonata a shot.

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By Theresa

The Best of the Best

Hands down (or up!) the BEST NET flavor out there! Nothing else compares!

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By njames

sonata review

Awesome flavor.a good cavendish one 🙂 I have tried. ….I don’t usually write reviews, but I have tried a couple NET’s from here and all have been fantastic. Great company and customer service.

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By Asger

authentic yet sweet

I was busy when started vaping the Sonata. My initial thought was: “Oh, I like this”. Followed by: “I really like this.”. Then the bottle was empty. It has an authentic cigarette taste, yet also some notes of sweetness, that I can’t really pin down as anything specific, although it leaves me with a sensation of “natural”. Throat hit is not intense, flavor is nice and “non-invasive”. I found myself vaping more frequently that I otherwise would have, simply because I enjoyed the taste. Whether that’s a quality or a disadvantage must be up to the individual to decide. I have a hard time to decide which of the Black Note products is my favorite, but so far this is on my list of candidates.

(Posted on 9/28/2015)

By Alexey

Great as usuall.

I got this one by mistake. It wasn’t my favorite, but after I finished the bottle I realize that it was really great! Actually all the flavors are really good and its hard to stop on something) I really apreciate the customer service! They are doing great job! All the samplers they send with orders and the bonuses work perfect! Thanks again!!!

(Posted on 9/27/2015)

By jack

Similar to Prelude

Very similar to Prelude, both products are good and not much difference. Odorless, smooth and naturally extracted.

(Posted on 9/27/2015)

By dej

A classic returns

Not many people have smoked a true cavendish tobacco in a pipe, but this note comes very close to bringing that experience to vaping. Expect a very sweet vapor with hints of maple, bourbon and fruit. I prefer this note in the evening, as it is a bit rich to be carried around all day.

(Posted on 9/27/2015)

By James

Good Stuff

Very nice Virginia Blend Cavendish, and my favorite from the “Note Book”…..just wasn’t enough in the bottle to find a time frame for “steeping'”…..smooth with a nice throat hit…lightly sweet….great “nutty” Cavendish blend…will order this in a 30ml.

(Posted on 9/27/2015)

By Michi

More robust version of Prelude

This is similar to Prelude in character, but with a little less sweetness and a bigger throat hit. I’d recommend this to smokers who like a medium-strength cigarette. I have no problems vaping this all day long.

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By Richard

Richer flavor

This has a richer flavor than Prelude to me. Can vape all day with this and won’t gunk up my coils.

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By judith

My Favorite

This one is my favorite of all of your flavors

(Posted on 9/26/2015)


Best of Best

I’ve tried the whole notebook and this is my favourite. It’s authentic and original. This is my go to vape when going out for the night.

As with all the Black Note products, expertly crafted and well presented. I ordered this from the UK it arrived in less than a week and for a reasonable shipping fee. Thanks for figuring that one out Black Note

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By Frankie

Hmmm, yum.

Sweet, definitely sweet. I also get the nutty flavor for sure. I really like this e-juice. I found it paired especially well with a cup of coffee. Ive searched long and hard for a complimentary coffee vape, and I think ive finally met my match, Would and will buy again.

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By Pong


The Sonata starts with a mellow sweetness, with a smooth and light tobacco flavor, that quickly segues into in a major throat hit. The Spice definitely takes center stage here.Everything about your company is quality. I have enjoyed the Sonata very much and have a hard time putting it down. I have given it to a few of my friends to try and they are all amazed at how genuine it tastes. It is rich in tobacco taste with a little sweetness.This juice really knocked my socks off.

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By Kenneth

Good Tobacco Flavor

A very good tobacco flavor. Received this one as a free sample with my Prelude order. I do prefer Prelude over this one but it’s a good solid tobacco flavor.

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By weedkillaman

Damn Good…

From what I experienced from this flavor it was excellent…All of the Blacknote flavors have an organic taste very natural and earthy…I enjoyed this flavor and will be getting more too put in my stash rotation…I am very picky about my vape flavor and stay away from tooth fruity flavors…I want too taste tobacco when drinking a cold beer…Not peach cobbler or creamy berry’s…

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By Carsten from germany

Super Tabak-Liquid

At first, sorry for my english. Well, I will try to describe the taste and my experiance with Sonata. I only like liquids they have a taste similar to real tabaccos. I know there are nowhere liquids with a real taste like a cigarette. But Sonata is a liquid which is nearby a cigarette and one of the best liquid, I have tested all time.
Kind regards from germany

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By mark

Loving this too much

Coming from smoking, trying all the tobacco flavors, black note is the ONLY e liquid I’ll ever buy. Once you get the best, you’ll reorder, I promise you that.

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By Melanie

Light cigarette tobacco flavor

This was the second juice I tried from my notebook. I found it to have the true taste of cigarette tobacco. This was a big draw to me because I am trying to lay down the cigarettes! I would compare it to a light cigarette with true tobacco flavor.

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By James

Wears well all day

I have learned that one has to vape over the course of a week or so trying a complete range of temperature and wattage settings to find a sweet spot in any flavor. Since buying the variety pack, I have discovered that there is not one flavor put out by these folks that I do not like. Sonata, however, has begun to come out very high on my list of favorites. I find myself going back to this flavor time and again. There is a hint of mild, slightly sweet tobacco that is pleasing to the taste buds, and extremely easy to enjoy all day long. When I say sweet, don’t misinterpret that remark. It is just a very slight sweetness along with the mild tobacco taste that doesn’t overpower. Very pleasant.

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By Trumper

Full taste

The Note Book selection was full of good flavours, this one in particular. Light, but rounded. A great daytime vape imo!

(Posted on 9/26/2015)

By Robert

Really like it

Sonata is the 3rd expression I’ve tried. Having a hard time picking a favorite.

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By Elliott

Pipe tobacco flavor

This vape reminds me of smoking a pipe..That aside it is a little more robust than Prelude with a little more of a throat hit.. I is better than most any other tobacco flavor out there but Im not crazy about pipe tobacco. It also has a mellow sweetness to it that even though it’s not my favorite I still craved the taste….Just not an ADV for me!

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By Ahad

Hardcore without additives

This feels like a hookah tobacco or a cigarette tobacco with pure, dry tobacco flavor without the harshness. It is very smooth and has a targeted and precise throat hit. It does vape like a sun-dried tobacco leaf and I use it as my evening after work Vape.

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By Nathan

Give this one a shot

When I first put this liquid in my tank, I was not sure about it. The flavor was a little bit more overpowering than what I was used to. I set it aside for a few days, and came back to try it again. This time, it really grew on me! It is actually a very pleasant, sweet tobacco flavor that I’ve grown to enjoy and actually crave. It just took a few days for it to grow on me. In the end, I will definitely be purchasing this one again.

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By Kayla


This has a different flavor from the other notes. Surely because its a Cavendish blend. I found it to be quite enjoyable. One of my favs. Good job black note!

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By Fausto

Warm, smooth and rich. So far my favorite

I must said that is my favorite but I must say that I have tried only solo and adagio. As the other flavor is real and authentic. It is a full body flavor, truly balanced and pleasant . I order two more but I also ordered a”notebook ” box to try others because I’m sure I will add more to my sonata. Compliment guys for a great and ethical company. I am a fan !

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By justin

Unique taste but not for me

I didnt really care for the taste of this one. The flavor is distinct and those that like Cavendish may love it. Ill revisit this one another time.

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By jason

Just after a meal vape

The first time I vaped this was after dinner one evening and it has become a reminds me of that cigarette after dinner but way better and with outstanding flavor.anyone who has not given this juice a try yet is missing out on something great.

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By Dan

Not to my taste

One again, I heard great things “feels and tastes like a cigarette” not for me. I would still rather vape this rather than most imitations.

(Posted on 9/25/2015)

By Anthony


One of my favorites. All of the flavors are top notch, but this is one of my favorites. Will be ordering soon.

(Posted on 9/21/2015)

By Brian

love it

great flovor

(Posted on 9/21/2015)

By Gavin


Sonata is the first flavor I opened when I received my “Notebook” order – which, BTW, was received Promptly – as advertised! I was immediately impressed with the quick shipment & handling of the product. I have been an avid Vaper of (TPR’s) Candied Cavendish for several years now and I was hesitant to try something ‘new’ as I love their stuff as well. I was concerned Black Note might be just another High-End Company with a so-so product. This has been my experience in the past with other High-End Companies. Boy, was I surprised?!
Sonata is one of the very Best flavors I have tried to date! Received my order Friday 9/18/15. Here it is only Monday 9/21 and I have pretty much wiped out my sample bottle (7.5ML)! Flavor is very Smooth and has a GR8 Taste. I will definitely be ordering more of Sonata! Thanks, Black Note for an Awesome Product and GR8 Service!

(Posted on 9/21/2015)

By Justin

ok, but prefer other blends

As far as flavor (taste) this wasnt one of my favorites but it has a good throat hit. I never smoked anything cavendish before so if you did you may like the flavor.

(Posted on 9/19/2015)

By CoronaDoug

I wanted to taste the pipe in it but…

I had high hopes for this one since I was told that it was the closest one to pipe tobacco. Maybe it was my tank but I really got no pipe tobacco resemblance at all. Not that it is a bad tobacco but I was looking for something else in it. It has a subtle sweetness with a medium body tobacco flavor. Maybe I will revisit it someday using a different tank.

(Posted on 9/12/2015)

By Asif

This is the one for all day vape !!!

To be honest this is an amazing flavour and perfect for the people who wants to stop smoking and start vaping. This flavour has nice taste of tobacco and you can feel the smoky kind of thing while you exhale. I feel this is perfect for all day vape.

(Posted on 9/9/2015)

By Cherie


I love the sweet light flavor
It is not harsh like some of the other notes I have tried. I bought the sample box so I could try them all. Packaging is great, it was like getting a pretty present of goodies! I have enjoyed trying all of the flavors and have narrowed my two favorite to the Virginia Blends,

(Posted on 9/8/2015)

By Sharon in AL

It’s Worth the Price, Only Thing I Vape

For anyone who vapes, and hasn’t tried Blacknote yet, what are yall waiting for?!
Forget about the price for a moment and just read all the reviews. I don’t believe that you are going to find any other N.E.T. e-juice with consistant great reviews and consistant 4 and 5 star ratings.
Okay so now let’s address the price…great reviews, great ratings, 3 day shipping included, beautiful packaging, charity, recycling programs, lab reports, money back guarantees, quality product, reward programs, the best customer service team you’re going to find. You’re actually saving money because your coils are lasting longer. I mean I could go on. Bottom line, and I think I might have said this in another review, but you get what you pay for. If you ask them to drop the price, they’re gonna have to cut corners somewhere else.
Sonata: The first thing that comes to mind is smooth, rich, and SWEET. After vaping longer the tobacco flavor is more pronounced and the sweetness is less so. And it does almost have this literal tingle on your tongue. How do they do that?? As stated in another review, I also think it’s more of a mid-range tobacco. Not as light as prelude and not as strong as Bravura. If you love Prelude, you will definitely love Sonata. Everytime I try a new flavor I’m never let down.
One last “note”… Goodluck to all the smokers out there. I hope yall find this product and vaping as enjoyable as I do. And to the ex-smokers, congratulations! Don’t we smell so much better 😉

(Posted on 9/8/2015)

By Lee

A deliciously rich yet sweet tobacco blend

This flavour has really convinced me of the merits within Blacknote’s NET ejuice range. It has everything, a full bodied, rich and earthy tobacco base which matures into a robust, almost malt-like sweetness. Definite cocoa sensations going on. This flavour is what many of the synthetic tobacco imitators were trying to pull off, but the Sonata really nails it. My favourite so far, highly recommended.

(Posted on 9/2/2015)

By Peter

Smoothest tobacco flavor

Great smooth taste, nice throat hit. Best tobacco flavor I have found to date. A bit spendy yes, but with Black Note, you get what you pay for.

(Posted on 9/1/2015)

By Ryan

Maybe it’s just me…

This might just be me, but I’m not a fan of Sonata. While there is certainly a sweet tobacco taste, it has a sweet yet bitter aftertaste that to me is not very pleasant at all. As a smoker I enjoyed cigarettes and aged Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars, so maybe Cavendish just isn’t my thing. It’s a quality product like Black Note’s other e-liquids, packaged and labeled exquisitely. Many others like it, so you should try it, but it’s not my bag. Vaped on .5 coil iSub G at 28 watts.

(Posted on 9/1/2015)

By Daniel

Rich, tasty, sweet tobacco

This is again a very nice flavor from Black Note. This particular one is a very rich and rounded tobacco that will make you want to take another puff instantly. Not too intense but very robust and yet very subtle, as usual with Black Note juices… enjoyable every time of the day.

(Posted on 8/31/2015)

By Brent

Best tobacco flavor I have tried

I had never tried your product before and have been amazed. Everything about your company is quality. I have enjoyed the Sonata very much and have a hard time putting it down. I have given it to a few of my friends to try and they are all amazed at how genuine it tastes. It is rich in tobacco taste with a little sweetness. I can’t wait to try your other flavors and will be saving up for those. This is the only natural tasting tobacco juice I have ever tried and easily replaces cigarettes.

(Posted on 8/29/2015)

By Joseph

The Best of the best !

After trying all of the 8 samples (which all of them are great) I found the Sonata to be the best of the best. It’s gentle and smooth taste made it to be my all day vape.

(Posted on 8/20/2015)

By Teofil

All of their products are – EXCELLENT!

After five(5)

years of vaping and being free of those analog’s , I have finally found a product that truly IS the standard by which ALL others shall be judged! BRAVO!!! Black Notes description is exactly as stated! and I will be redundant for each review as Black Notes makes choosing a favorite truly an effort in futility as they are ALL that GOOD!

(Posted on 7/22/2015)

By Eric

Clean, Pure taste.

No chemical, floral, or perfumy undertones here. Just a pure mid range tobacco taste. Not too light, or heavy, the simplicity is what makes this one great. No worrying trying to decipher background notes just relax. All too often it seems we’re trying to pick apart all the flavors present we forget to just enjoy it. Take this one for face value, just a great tobacco flavor from start to finish.

(Posted on 7/21/2015)

By Justino

world changing tobacco juice

I really liked this It reminds me of green tea and tabacco very smooth very amazing but nothing out pawns the Legato so far as a Siclian its just fantastic i Believe this sight and creation will change the vaping industry forever this is the cleanest juice found and the best but as i said before 5 bottles for $115.00 dollars and everyone would go crazy for these or larger bottles as vapors figure out your juice your set

(Posted on 7/19/2015)

By Tolstyy


At last I got the European, i.e natural and fresh tobacco taste. If only US ingredients could be as good as that one. I had a bad experience vaping liquids tasting like a bitter medication or a metal until I found Black Note. It feels like I switched from a junk food to a well cooked one. Sonata is made of a true robust tobacco for those who smoked regular cigarettes before. Keep working on making current and new N.E.T. liquids. Great job Black Note !!!

(Posted on 7/14/2015)

By Ryan


The King of pipe tobaccos. very true to taste and when mixed with Forte you’ve got captn black, sir walter raleigh, black & mild or whatever other type of smooth aromatic pipe blend you can think of.

(Posted on 7/13/2015)

By Anthony


This one really reminded me of an American cigarette, but better because it had a spicy sweet undertone. I could see this being very popular with a person who is trying to find the cigarette substitute. So far, it’s my favorite but I haven’t tried the prelude yet. Like all the other flavor you can feel and taste the quality with this gape. Vaping a .5 on an Atlantis 2 at 30 watts. Enjoy, I can’t imagine anybody not loving this one!

(Posted on 7/11/2015)

By Larry

Cavendish Goes Sophisticated

Much different flavor profile than other Cavendish liquids I’ve tried. This is more refined and sophisticated. There is some slight sweetness, but I also get popcorn or fresh, dry wood on the nasal exhale. Tried on a Derringer recently and it is just excellent. Run part of the exhale through your nose to really pick up all the flavor elements.

(Posted on 6/23/2015)

By Randy

Awesome stuff

So my favorite juice which i will not name, was discontinued. Im not one to branch out but I was forced to, let me tell you I was severely disappointed in what was out there. I wasted 100s of dollars only to be let down time and again and I was on the verge of quitting. Then i found a review of black note e juices and ordered a bottle of sonata. Shipping was great, 2 days from ordering and my box arrived. Ive only been vaping on it for about an hour now and I must confess, this is the best stuff I’ve ever had. Tastes just like tobacco, with some other nuances mixed in I cant quite pick out. A little spicy, some very mild sweetness, reminds me of a fine mild cigar which is what i like. They sent a sample of the Forte which is a little sweeter with a nutty kind of flavor thats also very good. I would recommend this juice to anyone that likes tobacco flavors, you won’t be let down.

(Posted on 6/19/2015)

By Corey In Los Angeles

Sonata 12mg / Nautilus Mini New BVC Coil

An American-style cigarette blend that has a full-bodied throat hit. (This one took me a few minutes to figure out the complexity of this juice.*) I get the tobacco with nuances of smoked walnuts, toasted brown rice, and savory oolong-tea notes on the exhale. This would be ideal for the Asian Palate, If you enjoyed the 555 tobacco before, this one will grab you.

(Posted on 5/27/2015)

By Masa

Itza Spicy Meata Balla!!!

The Sonata starts with a mellow sweetness, with a smooth and light tobacco flavor, that quickly segues into in a major throat hit. The Spice definitely takes center stage here. It hits me hard with a crescendo, then fades into a tingle, like a fine Kentucky Bourbon. If I chain vape, I even get that feeling of lingering warmth in the back of my throat. While not my favorite in terms of flavor (so far it’s the Adagio), this is nonetheless another virtuoso performance in the Black Note lineup.

(Posted on 5/26/2015)

By Nick C.

Great E liquid

I ordered from CT on a Wednesday, and had this juice on Friday!!!!! Outstanding presentation. Comes in a nice box, the 30 ml bottle also comes in a nice tube to keep light out of the bottle. They also gave me a free sample of another flavor from their lineup!!!!!!! The juice itself to me feels and taste like my favorite cigar from rocky patel. RIch flavor of tobacco, yet with a natural sweetness. However this juice is so so smooth. It is hands down the best tobacco juice I have ever vaped in my 3+ years of vaping. Try their juices, you will certainly not be disappointed. For all you drippers and rebuilders like me, another 3-4 weeks and they will offer 0.03 mg. Whats not to love?

(Posted on 5/8/2015)



Really nice stuff. Beautiful packaging. Ordered on Monday at 5PM – Delivered to my house on the East Coast by noon on Wednesday! Its immediately apparent that this is a high quality product. Wonderful natural flavor, and clean vapor. I was looking for a “natural” tasting juice that was free of chemicals (i.e. artificial flavorings) and childish gimmicks. I was so excited a see a new product that claimed these qualities, and I can confirm they hit the mark. I would love to see a PG free offering in the future.

(Posted on 4/22/2015)


WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW!!! WOW !!!

For many of us vaping became a way to quit smoking, but for me it was so much more. I am disabled and home all day and vaping was a great way to stay busy and enjoy my day. I have been vaping for about two years and my favorite e-juices are the tobacco flavors One day while messing around on the computer I came across a new e-juice company, The interesting thing was it was an e-juice company that sold only tobacco juices. Well I decided to try one. It was called Sonata and right from the first drag I new it was something very special. The inhale was crisp and slightly nutty with a great throat hit to follow. On the exhale it was warm and tasty and left you wanting more. By the time I called it a day I had gone through over half of the 30mg bottle. When I find something I really enjoy I like to share with others. This juice really knocked my socks off. I must tell you in two years I had never come across a juice that I like this much. I have tried many other N.E.T. flavors (naturally extracted tobaccos) and for the most part they were harsh and hard to vape, but not this juice. When I first came across it, it seemed a little on the pricey side at $33.00 and I had to think about. I hate to admit it but in the past juices with fancy adds, great labels and wonderful descriptions usually fell short, but I took a chance, so if you are a vaper who enjoys a smooth, tasty tobacco flavor or even if you don’t you must try Sonata by Blacknote. The only question left is what flavor I will try next and remember “its not bragging if its true.”

(Posted on 1/26/2015)